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Saturday, June 27, 2015

I have just 3 words to say about this! Bounce House 5k. I am just kidding. I have way more to say about this race than that. I had the privilege to be able to participate in the Insane Inflatable 5k OCR race. Let me tell you what, this race makes you feel like a kid again. 

Okay now into what you guys really want to know about. The race itself. Well, after arriving at the race site and paying our $10 fee to park, we walked up to the venue. Check in was kind of, how do I say this, cluster of crazy! With this race I highly recommend coming at least an hour before your race. I say this because their where only 4 lanes open to register people in. If you missed your wave from standing in the lines for like forever, then you where denied the privilege to race. To me that is crap because most people got their 30 min. early and missed there wave by 5 minutes and where denied entry because of this. They at least should have a designated wave at the end for those who couldn't make it to registration on time. So many people were angry and to be honest, I really don't blame them. I got their 2 hours early and it took me 45 min to get to the registration person. Other than that, the race wasn't that bad. Not saying it was horrible but it wasn't the best either. To get into the corral to do your wave, you were squeezed into the corral that was not big enough to fit everyone that was in that time slot but we all had to fit so we could run our waves. I got my rear grabbed quite a few times and my boobs a few well. So I stood as close as I could to my team mate Peggy. Making sure to hold hands so we didn't get separated by people trying to push into the starting area. 

Once race started, it was kind of fun. Well other than the lines and the kid at the Big Balls obstacle. Throwing a ball as hard as he could and hitting my team mate in the face with it. I wanted to pull that kid aside and give him a few words but we just left it to keep from getting even madder. When I mean lines, I mean you are waiting from 10-45 min per obstacle. They were fun yet if we had to wait any longer for some of them, we would have just gone around them like others did. The one that was the funniest, yet the worst was the finish line. The volunteers where making everyone take off their shoes. Most people waited to take them off till they were at the front ready to go on. This made the line a 45 min wait to do the only obstacle you couldn’t go around. My favorite one happened to be the wettest. It was called Jump Around. Let’s just say I dodged the gun on this by maybe a foot or 2. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

So all in all it was a fun race. A little unorganized and the volunteers needed a little more supervision. Other than that it was fun. Makes me want to do it again! 

Warrior Dash Race Recap. Muddiest Mud Run I have ever done!

I am so sorry for being absent lately. Lives has hit me so hard lately and have had to take a breather from everything I hold passion for. Unfortunately my blog was one of those passions. Now. I have to play catch up to make sure everything is caught up and posted.  With that being said, Time for some awesome reviews. 

Okay this first race I will be talking about will have any lean freak cringing and wanting to jump in the shower from just reading. Those of those who love to get a little dirt behind our ears, listen up. It is called the warrior dash. When you look at their site, it talks about how it is a mud run/OCR. Is what they didn't tell you is the entire race was in mud. Not bad at all but very interesting at the least. It was raining, and muddy everywhere. From the driveway, to the parking, to the entire race. A dream for a country girl like me. Other than the part where my car had to be towed out. I will go into that later on. Okay we get there and if you can make it into your parking spot without sliding into another car you are good. I was very disappointed with the people directing people to park cause they had me park where they were directing the other 4x4's and not where they were letting the small cars park. This was on the far side of the field, the farthest away from the venue. So by the time I got done, there was only 1 truck around me and my tires where sunk into the ground. So when it came to parking, they really dropped the ball on it. I was thinking to myself that if the race was going to be as bad as it was the parking, I was not going to be happy. 

After the not so easy walk to the venue, and being yelling at the "police officer" who was directing traffic for slipping and falling on the walk across the road to the venue, I finally made it to the festivities. Other than it being true to its name of being an MUD RUN, it was actually pretty cool. They offered everyone powder to keep from chafing in the wet conditions. Every participant got a shirt, medal, an awesome looking hat, free adult beverage at the end. I ended up giving my beer ticket away because I don't drink beer. Would have been awesome if they had something for those that didn’t drink but hey, no one else does. SO us who don't drink just deal with it and give away our ticket. I missed my wave time cause of the 3 hour wait my teammates had to wait in the long line of cars for parking but we finally got onto the course. 

To me it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Well other than EVERYTHING being an obstacle. From the hills, to the entire trail lol. The obstacles were challenging for every fitness level which is what you come to expect at any OCR. The lines where not long at them either. This is because they were spread out enough that there was no time to really build up lined to get into the obstacle. My favorite one happened to be pipeline Followed closely by the Goliath. I wasn't too fond of the 20+ foot wall you had to climb with the rope but heh, to each his own lol. The funnest, or should I say funniest, was going down a hill across the little creek and back up the other side. I was lucky to make it down before it happened. It allowed me to watch what happened Well all of us where treading along the sides to keep from slipping. Well most of us. One decided to slide on her rear while there where others walking in front of her. Let’s say it looked like domino's toppling all over each other. It kind of upset me that this woman did this because someone could have gotten really hurt. If she knew she was going to slide on her rear, she should have waited till everyone was off the path first. My friend had to jump off the path and almost hurt herself trying to avoid the avalanche of people. The fire jump as kind of funny cause me and my team-mate, ran up to it, turned around and warmed our butts before finally jumping over it. Hey we were cold lol. 

So other than other people's stupidity, the course was actually kind of fun. The Alcatraz was actually pretty fun as well other than with it raining; I was not going to risk it. So I swam around it. Crossed the finish line and got my medal. So all in all the race itself was pretty well organized and put together. Now for the part about getting stuck. After helping 3 people out by pushing their cars through the mud until they got traction, started heading to where we parked. My team mates where parked where the rest of the cars were parked and were able to get out fairly easily. Well other than where the dumb truck owners where "mudding" causing huge ruts in the drive path. I got half way to my car and noticed a jeep coming behind me carrying someone on the side of their jeep. I asked for a ride as I was parked a pretty good distance away still. I stood on the side of this guy’s jeep while the other guy stood on the other. We were betting on who was parked further. Can you guess who was? That's right, I won that bet. Due to all the ruts made by the trucks doing donuts in the pasture, we were constantly landing in them and getting covered in mud. I swear I got more mud on me in the parking area then I did on course. Anyways, I finally made it to my car, Changed clothes and started trying to get out because I had a 3 hour drive home to get to work. Of course my little Honda Accord Got stuck not even 10 yards from where I was parked. So did the 4x4 truck of the other guy I was riding with. He was fortunate to have the jeep owners get him out with a wench. I on the other hand was able to flag down a tracker to pull me to the gravel area. I want to thank the mystery guy in the silver truck for trying to help me till he got stuck and for the 2 guys in the red jeep who gave me a ride to my car. Without them, I doubt I would have gotten out because it was that far from everyone else. I wouldn't have been seen. 

So a recap of my experience, the ace itself was great. They do however need to work on their parking for next year because it royally sucked. They dropped the ball on that part of it.  Would I recommend this race to others? Yes I would in a heartbeat. I would just recommend that if they will be in a pasture to please carpool with someone who has a 4x4. 

*I had to use a lot of pictures from the website because my camera got broken at the race and all the pictures I took were lost :(* I was not paid for my opinions. These are from my own experiences.

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