My Inparation

My Inspiration as most of you know, is my children. Even when they do not know it, They help me work out in more ways than one. With these angels, My life is complete and I wouldn't have them any other way. They help me smile when I want to cry, They even make me laugh when I want to scream. They are truly my inspiration and my motivation. I would walk through fire for my children and wouldn't think twice. They make me who I am. Their have been times that I have not been up on my game and they have, without even trying, brought me back up and pushed me forward. From the "go mommy go" to the "look what we did mommy" and even the "YAY!!! YOU did it mommy! Way To Go!!" Even though times are rough here at home at times and we want to all hide and just get away, we all stick together and we aren't multiple, we are one! No one can separate anything we have! I love my angels and they love me and together

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