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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Healthy life changes are important to a healthy lifestyle. That means getting rid of the harmful and negative decisions and focusing on the ones that are healthy. To do this, you need to look at like a little differently.  For example, learning to read the labels on the foods you consume.  Also the decisions you make will determine how healthy of a life you live and how healthy your body will be as well. That’s why not only it is best to eat healthy, but also exercise is also very important as well. 

This is why I have started going to Gym X. Unlike many other gyms in the area, this one has been affordable and the people who attend this gym have honestly made me feel like I belong there. I have visit a few gyms in the past but the problem has been the lofty glances and remarks. You know the ones that say that “why do fat slobs get to occupy the same space” and that “My kind aren’t welcome their” and “you might not want to use that machine because it doesn’t look like I can afford to replace it when I break it” Yeah I have heard lots of negative things about my weight.  So coming into this gym, I kept my head low and stayed focus on the task at hand.  

The first day, ran smoothly, kept my eyes on the floor and my head phones in to keep from hearing anything negative.  I left the gym sweaty and feeling great. Day two, tragedy struck. Yes you guessed it, My IPod died. So I was forced to work out without it. This made me think. “Okay no music to drown out any negative comments, so might as well look up and take a look around” Well, it wasn’t what I thought it would be at all. I actually had 3 people telling me “Don’t give up, you are doing great” Talking about knocking me for a loop.  It actually put a smile on my face and gave me the strength to fight through the fatigue. I left that night feeling I could do anything. Day 3 came and I walked into the gym with pep in my step ready to tear up my workout.  This day I met a personal trainer who just happens to move from California. She didn’t work for the gym but goes there to work out. She helped me out by telling me machines to really stay away from until I am a little more fit. She recommended starting out daily on the stair machine and stay away from the treadmill. I know what you are thinking. Why stay away from the treadmill? Isn’t that what will help you lose weight? Yes, if you want bad knees and hips later on in life. Especially with me having week knees, she told me the best thing is the elliptical and stairs stepper. 

Day four of visiting the gym was the day of the Gym’s Personal Trainer.  The only word I can really say is   I did an Interval Training on my legs and arms then ended with a few abdominal workout s. By the time I was done, I felt like Jelly.  The thing that got me hook Line and sinker was how the trainer never pushed me to buy more sessions and how money was never even brought up till I asked. Even then, he tried to keep me focused on getting fit and keeping proper form when doing the workouts.  Most try to push for you to purchase more lessons. It made me smile to work out with someone who cared more about my fitness and health than money.  That’s what I like about this gym. They are cheaper than most around and they actually care about their clients.  Their equipment is clean and plentiful so there is no waiting in line for an elliptical or exercise bike.  They have on the wall disinfecting wipes for you to wipe down your equipment after and before if you are more comfortable with that. Haven’t seen those in a gym before. So I like to know I can disinfect a station or equipment before I use it and afterwards as well. (I kind of have a “thing” about certain things like other peoples sweaty bodies, using a towel more than once and a few other OCD things that normal people really wouldn’t even bother with.)

Now for the part I didn’t really care for.  No Child care. This may not be much of an issue for some but for others, it can make it or break it for a gym.  Some that need to work out have children that prevent them from working out due to the lack of someone to take care of them. That has been my major setback this summer. I have 3 children and have no one to watch them.  Makes it hard to do much of any kind of working out.  Most gyms in this area have child care. This one doesn’t. Not to say they aren’t working to get it. From talking to the manager and the General Manager, They both have said they are trying to get child care established and are looking for it to be up and ready soon. So at least they are trying to accommodate in areas that they lack. To me, that is promising. 

This Gym also has something else on their plus category. They are open 24 hours. This allows people at all times of the day to come work out and not have to worry about getting their before they close.  Then there is the price. Yes I know you guys are like there is a catch here. The price is probably going to be like $200 to sign up and like $100 a month. Wrong! Try for 2 people to sign up and use all the amenities, like the sauna, the Tanning beds and all the equipment. The price came up to $75 down and $38 a month before taxes.  From the research I have done, it is kind of the cheapest that I have found in this area.  So it is the best choice for me and my family. As soon as they start the child care, will make this Gym more perfect for me and my family. For now, we will play the hand we have been dealt. 

Sleeve for Speed!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Running Sleeves. Hmm. Where do I begin? Many people have sworn by running sleeves and I honestly didn’t know why till I tried some myself.  I honestly loved them. Not only did they protect my alms from getting sun burned, but they also helped my arms from swelling as much as they do normally when I run.

Arm sleeve now-a-days are not just for trail runners and to keep your arms warm during cold day runs. Not anymore.  Running sleeves are designed to protect your arms from UV Rays and are the perfect addition to any runners race outfit.  Not only will you see them on professional runners and athletes all over the globe but in every day runners and athletes.  What makes running sleeves so special? Well, different ones have different perks. Like Pockets to keep your important documents and gels, costume design for those who love to add a little spunk to their race, and many other awesome perks.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to review running Sleeves by Groovy Baby Action Gear. I really like these.  I wore these for my Color up Temple Race. They were cute and I am really glad to be able to get the opportunity to do a review on them. They are a stretchy spandex material and have the cutest design. They are very well made.  I have tried products that were high dollar yet had a hole in them at the seams after 2 uses. Not these. Even though it is summertime here in Texas, I still wear mine when I run. I don’t however like how they roll on the top of my arm at times. Not often or much, just sometimes when I get really sweaty and they slide down a bit they will roll. This is to be expected in 105 degree heat while running.  You can even wear these under your T-shirts during the winter to keep your arms warm if you just have to wear that favorite shirt of yours.  These running sleeves will cost you around $27 a pair. I have seen them much higher with other brands so it is a really good deal. So head on over to Groovy Baby Action Gear on Etsy and pick yours up today!

Oh by the Way, They also sell Calf sleeves and take special orders. So stop on by and take a look around. Their is something for everyone!

Light To School!

As most of you runners know, the most dangerous time to run is at night. Not only is your visibility hindered due to the fact of light, but the darkness also harbors even deadlier threats.  Most runners I know run with mace, a stick or other kind of self-defense to help protect them. The question is however; don’t you think that making yourself a harder target to get would make your run safer? Most people won’t want to mess with someone who is more visible to see. It makes them more visible by everyone. Including law enforcement.  This makes you a less appealing target. I love knuckle Lights because it not only lights my path while I am running but it also leaves my hands free to hold a self-defense device.  Making me a target not to be messed with.  Along with reflective clothing, you will be much safer. Not to include that with lights, you are much more visible to cars as well. Don’t you think this is something that you may want to have in your arsenal of gear? 

Even if you are not a runner, but work for a living. Don’t you think these would help you out getting to your car safely on those nights you catch yourself working late? So runner or not, these are perfect for everyone who prefers to put their safety first.

I just had to say it! Here is yet another back to school giveaway! This time it is for an awesome pair of Knuckle lights! Yep, I wear my knuckle Lights whenever I do late night or early morning running. I also use it when I can't find my flashlight *snickers* Hey i is also fun for kids to use to play flashlight tag with it :) Yes I use these all the time and they have to be one of the most used fitness accessories that I own! I honestly don't think This is one of the best safety products their is out their for runners. It even leaves your hands free so you can carry your water bottle, stick, or like me pepper spray/other device for protection.

With the neighborhood I live in, things have gone from okay to run to you better keep yourself protected. So when I run, my knuckle lights and any other protection device I need to keep me protected while I run.  I hate it has come down to this but I have to do what I got to do. So I am very grateful for these and So I am going to give away a set for one lucky reader!

I hope you guys love these as much as I do!
 Giveaway runs from 8/19/13-8/25/13

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The Importance of using a kitchen scale Mira Kitchen Scale Review!

As most know, when you are on a diet, or I as I like to call it a life style change, it is really important to weigh your food for accurate information. A great way to help keep track of how much you are eating is by using a food scale. Why is this? Well normal Americans eat portion sizes that are just way too much for their body to handle. A serving size back from the 50’s is much smaller than one of today. I mean, you can’t go anywhere now days and actually get a proper proportionate meal nowadays.  Even in the American home, it is very hard to find a family who uses proper proportions while eating their food.

This is why American’s are so obese these days. That is why a food scale is the best tool you can have to aid in your new lifestyle change.  Again I reiterate, I HATE the word Diet. This is because when you think of Diet, most of the time, it has a negative standing behind it. Secondly, DIETS DON’T WORK! Plain and simple. They are doomed to fail. Every one of them.  On the other hand, a life style change is a new mind set. You are not telling yourself I can’t have something. Which in a diet, it will end up encouraging you to cheat.  A lifestyle change, allows you to see what, on a diet, you can’t have and yet in your mind, you chose I can have that, I just chose not to have it. It is a totally different mind frame.
Anyways, I honestly feel this is the best tool in my kitchen. It also is the best aid in my family’s new lifestyle change.  With the aid of mine and the research of the proper proportions, I have now gotten out of my nasty little rut I was in and have now started to lose weight. Yes, I have been a little more active but I feel activity is only a part of losing weight. The main ingredient to weight loss is what you put in your mouth.

What is so important about using a food scale?
Well, this answer is very quiet simple. When starting your new lifestyle change, measuring your food is one of the most important parts of learning how to eat the proper serving sizes.  This will then show you the portions you thought were like 3 ounces may actually like 6-8 ounces.  That can make the difference in losing 2 pounds or gaining it. Most have heard the only thing you need is a measuring cup and spoon but in fact, there are only part of the tools you need. Using a kitchen scale along with measuring cups and spoons will allow you to ace your nutritional input and help you start shredding off the pounds in no time.

Recently, I had the opportunity myself to try out a digital kitchen scale from Mira. Before, I was using one of those big white bulky scales from Wal-Mart. Have to admit, it really wasn’t the best in the world, but I made do with it. When I first opened this scale, I was so scared I was going to break it. I mean this is thin and light weight. But man is it durable. I honestly have put this scale through some tough tests.  For example, I have been teaching my children the importance of eating healthy and how to measure the proper proportions.  They have spilled a few things, been kind of rough with it but it is still going strong. I have to admit, I am shocked but I am very glad I have the opportunity to use this. My camera has been having issues lately so I haven’t really been able to take many pictures of us using it. But I will soon and will post in a new page of pictures of products so you all can see it. That is part of the reason I have held out on doing this review was due to my camera acting up and only working when it wants to. I just had to get this post out to you guys. Not only due to the review of this awesome kitchen scale but to stress the importance of using one in your home when you are trying to lose weight or even bulk up. Either or, the importance of having one in your home to aid in a healthy lifestyle is essential. I really hope you all enjoyed the post and remember eat right, get plenty of rest and don’t forget to sweat pink.

For more info on purchasing a Mira Compact Slim Digital Kitchen scale, feel free to visit the company’s website or  you can even purchase at Sears buy just clicking the link.

Workout at the gym and what you all have been waiting for ;)

Friday, August 16, 2013

I have recently been visiting a gym for 1-2 hours a day and man, am I sore J I am however very proud of myself for dedicating myself enough to go daily and dedicate myself to actually doing it. I have found out some awesome things about myself though. Like for example, I can squat from a standing position, 120 pounds. I can do the back machine (not sure of the name but you put your back on this pad and push back lifting weights of different levels) well, with that one, I can do 170 pounds. I know right, this is awesome! I also have done daily 13 floors on the stair machine and 2 miles on an elliptical. If I go at a casual pace, I can goo the mile in 12.5 minutes. Which is really awesome. I think I can go well because I can walk a 5k in about 35 min. So I am not for sure if that machine was off or what. Anyways. I love this gym, they have a hot sauna for you to use before or after your workouts and there is even a tanning bed for members. I think it is totally Rad! Compared to others in the area, it is really cheap. Like one other gym’s in the area (will not say the name but everyone knows which one it is) Wants 160 down and 75 every 2 weeks for a family of 3. I am sorry but there is no way I am paying that much for a gym just because they have a pool. Sorry. I have really been shopping around and I have visited this gym now off and on now for 3 months and I like it. Yes they don’t have child care which is a HUGE bummer or even a pool but the people there at least don’t stick their nose up at you like they are better than you. I have actually had one of the other people working out come give me a few pointers on how to do my work out more effectively. That was great. Most of the time because of my weight, they look down upon you like they are disgusted with you or something. Not here. I mean tonight alone, there were 6 bigger people in the gym and all the fit buff and healthy people would actually take a moment of their time to help you if they see you are doing something wrong. I have never had that kind of experience before. So I think this is where I am going to stay.  Well now for the bit of the post you have long awaited for. (Sorry for the delay but life had me held up just a bit)

I know it should be if the shoe fits, but I really couldn’t help myself. I just really am excited to be able to announce the winners of one of my favorite pair of socks. Injinji! Okay these socks I really have to admit are very comfortable and are a lot different than most compression socks I have tried. Most compression socks are stretchy and kind of thin. These are not; they feel as comfortable as regular cushion socks.  Who doesn’t like those :) Well, anyways, I can’t stand the suspense any longer, and I have to announce the winners to this awesome giveaway! The winners of this awesome giveaway are…… Laura Ryder for following Injinji on Twitter. Cassie McIntosh Chanell, for following Ahalicious Bliss (thank you so very much  ) And Clifford for tweeting about this giveaway. Congrats to all 3 of you and thank you so much for entering and I really hope you all enjoy your little goody packs :)


Please message me with your info so I can get these out to you :)

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