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Sunday, August 18, 2013

As most of you runners know, the most dangerous time to run is at night. Not only is your visibility hindered due to the fact of light, but the darkness also harbors even deadlier threats.  Most runners I know run with mace, a stick or other kind of self-defense to help protect them. The question is however; don’t you think that making yourself a harder target to get would make your run safer? Most people won’t want to mess with someone who is more visible to see. It makes them more visible by everyone. Including law enforcement.  This makes you a less appealing target. I love knuckle Lights because it not only lights my path while I am running but it also leaves my hands free to hold a self-defense device.  Making me a target not to be messed with.  Along with reflective clothing, you will be much safer. Not to include that with lights, you are much more visible to cars as well. Don’t you think this is something that you may want to have in your arsenal of gear? 

Even if you are not a runner, but work for a living. Don’t you think these would help you out getting to your car safely on those nights you catch yourself working late? So runner or not, these are perfect for everyone who prefers to put their safety first.

I just had to say it! Here is yet another back to school giveaway! This time it is for an awesome pair of Knuckle lights! Yep, I wear my knuckle Lights whenever I do late night or early morning running. I also use it when I can't find my flashlight *snickers* Hey i is also fun for kids to use to play flashlight tag with it :) Yes I use these all the time and they have to be one of the most used fitness accessories that I own! I honestly don't think This is one of the best safety products their is out their for runners. It even leaves your hands free so you can carry your water bottle, stick, or like me pepper spray/other device for protection.

With the neighborhood I live in, things have gone from okay to run to you better keep yourself protected. So when I run, my knuckle lights and any other protection device I need to keep me protected while I run.  I hate it has come down to this but I have to do what I got to do. So I am very grateful for these and So I am going to give away a set for one lucky reader!

I hope you guys love these as much as I do!
 Giveaway runs from 8/19/13-8/25/13

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sauna said...

It was a mindblowing post!

Aph Mordly said...

Thank you. I am really glad you enjoyed it :)

Cecil Vermule said...

My Sport ID because if anything happens to me it has my name and emergency contact information on it.

Cassie said...

I carry my ID and sometimes my gun

Aph Mordly said...

I don't have a sports ID but I carry my hand held taser and a stick when I run at night. I need to look into a sports Id. Thank you Cecil for the Idea :)

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