Little Update on me and my family!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Well, things have been a little hectic lately. Well for the past 3 months. Every time I try to get back into doing all that I love, something comes up! This year All 3 kids are going to school so it will be easier for me to get back into doing my blog posts like I want to do! Summer is always so busy with all 3 children at home so when school starts i really hope to get back into daily or weekly blog posts. I do have some news though, I have lost a little more weight and I really can't wait to show you all. I am planning on doing a huge post when the kids go back to school to show you all how much I have lost. (which sad to say isn't really much ) The kids are doing good and at home is kinda crazy but that is a typical summer and weekend thing here.

This summer has really opened up my eyes. After trial and error I have discovered that I can't eat bread or milk very often. If I do, I end up in so much pain. I also have avoided it now for 7 months and have only eaten it like 3x. When I do eat it, I gain like 3-8 lbs within the day and it takes me forever to be able to lose it again. So I am now forbidding it in my home. My doctor wont seem to listen to me when I tell her all she can say is if I had something wrong like that, the blood test she ran in January would have shown something.

Think it may be time to get a new doctor. IDK, well anyways Here is a heads up on how I am doing and I am sorry this summer has been so crazy and I haven't been able to post as much as I wanted to. I am thankful to all my readers and I can't wait to get "back in the saddle"

Don't forget to work out, have fun and most of all, Sweat Pink!


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