The Journey Of A Lifetime!!!

I am a mother of 3 wonderful kids. I have been struggling with my weight loss battle for 10 years and I am fed up. I am tired of looking horrible and I am tired of being the laughing stock. It is time for me to put me first and get back down to business. Not just for me but for my children.

 I didn't have a great childhood growing up. Or even a great adolescence. It seems I was doomed from the start. With all that has happened to me, It has made me a better mother to my children. I will not let them go through what I did. Yes some of it could not be helped but some could.  I graduated in 2004 here in Texas. I got married right out of high school and got pregnant with my first child. I got put on bed rest due to high blood pressure and gained weight. My oldest was born a month early due to the fact it got so high they didn't think either one of us would make it. Each pregnancy after that, I had the same issue but not as bad. Now I am 27 with 3 wonderful kids and fatter than ever. I tipped the scales at 257. Not good at all. I know their is a lot I need to fix and I am on it. I started my weight loss journey Jan. 1st of 2013.

My support system as of now has been not their. I get laughed at and made to feel useless. Along with more serous issues that have occurred these past years, My depression has put me in an all time low. I struggle to even come up for air at times. Now It is time to take me back. Take control of my life and get back to what makes me me. I know I will never be that little size 7 Tennis player ever again but I sure am aiming to get close!

I love to try out new things and products so I am ALWAYS open for some awesomeness :)I love trying out healthy foods, Workout clothes, Vitamins, Work out equipment, basically anything that will help my weight loss journey. I am now an addict and weight loss is my addiction!

 Here is me starting. As you can tell the 260 really shows on me. I hate my looks and these pictures made me cry over and over again. Their is nothing I can do about the past, Now all I can do is start fixing what I have been doing wrong and focus on losing all the weight!

If you would love to get in contact with me, you can email me at or with my
I am always looking for more friends and things to keep me company or busy. SO if you know of anything that you would love for me to review or even try, let me know and I would LOVE to do it!


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Year recap!!
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