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Friday, August 16, 2013

I have recently been visiting a gym for 1-2 hours a day and man, am I sore J I am however very proud of myself for dedicating myself enough to go daily and dedicate myself to actually doing it. I have found out some awesome things about myself though. Like for example, I can squat from a standing position, 120 pounds. I can do the back machine (not sure of the name but you put your back on this pad and push back lifting weights of different levels) well, with that one, I can do 170 pounds. I know right, this is awesome! I also have done daily 13 floors on the stair machine and 2 miles on an elliptical. If I go at a casual pace, I can goo the mile in 12.5 minutes. Which is really awesome. I think I can go well because I can walk a 5k in about 35 min. So I am not for sure if that machine was off or what. Anyways. I love this gym, they have a hot sauna for you to use before or after your workouts and there is even a tanning bed for members. I think it is totally Rad! Compared to others in the area, it is really cheap. Like one other gym’s in the area (will not say the name but everyone knows which one it is) Wants 160 down and 75 every 2 weeks for a family of 3. I am sorry but there is no way I am paying that much for a gym just because they have a pool. Sorry. I have really been shopping around and I have visited this gym now off and on now for 3 months and I like it. Yes they don’t have child care which is a HUGE bummer or even a pool but the people there at least don’t stick their nose up at you like they are better than you. I have actually had one of the other people working out come give me a few pointers on how to do my work out more effectively. That was great. Most of the time because of my weight, they look down upon you like they are disgusted with you or something. Not here. I mean tonight alone, there were 6 bigger people in the gym and all the fit buff and healthy people would actually take a moment of their time to help you if they see you are doing something wrong. I have never had that kind of experience before. So I think this is where I am going to stay.  Well now for the bit of the post you have long awaited for. (Sorry for the delay but life had me held up just a bit)

I know it should be if the shoe fits, but I really couldn’t help myself. I just really am excited to be able to announce the winners of one of my favorite pair of socks. Injinji! Okay these socks I really have to admit are very comfortable and are a lot different than most compression socks I have tried. Most compression socks are stretchy and kind of thin. These are not; they feel as comfortable as regular cushion socks.  Who doesn’t like those :) Well, anyways, I can’t stand the suspense any longer, and I have to announce the winners to this awesome giveaway! The winners of this awesome giveaway are…… Laura Ryder for following Injinji on Twitter. Cassie McIntosh Chanell, for following Ahalicious Bliss (thank you so very much  ) And Clifford for tweeting about this giveaway. Congrats to all 3 of you and thank you so much for entering and I really hope you all enjoy your little goody packs :)


Please message me with your info so I can get these out to you :)


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