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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Running Sleeves. Hmm. Where do I begin? Many people have sworn by running sleeves and I honestly didn’t know why till I tried some myself.  I honestly loved them. Not only did they protect my alms from getting sun burned, but they also helped my arms from swelling as much as they do normally when I run.

Arm sleeve now-a-days are not just for trail runners and to keep your arms warm during cold day runs. Not anymore.  Running sleeves are designed to protect your arms from UV Rays and are the perfect addition to any runners race outfit.  Not only will you see them on professional runners and athletes all over the globe but in every day runners and athletes.  What makes running sleeves so special? Well, different ones have different perks. Like Pockets to keep your important documents and gels, costume design for those who love to add a little spunk to their race, and many other awesome perks.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to review running Sleeves by Groovy Baby Action Gear. I really like these.  I wore these for my Color up Temple Race. They were cute and I am really glad to be able to get the opportunity to do a review on them. They are a stretchy spandex material and have the cutest design. They are very well made.  I have tried products that were high dollar yet had a hole in them at the seams after 2 uses. Not these. Even though it is summertime here in Texas, I still wear mine when I run. I don’t however like how they roll on the top of my arm at times. Not often or much, just sometimes when I get really sweaty and they slide down a bit they will roll. This is to be expected in 105 degree heat while running.  You can even wear these under your T-shirts during the winter to keep your arms warm if you just have to wear that favorite shirt of yours.  These running sleeves will cost you around $27 a pair. I have seen them much higher with other brands so it is a really good deal. So head on over to Groovy Baby Action Gear on Etsy and pick yours up today!

Oh by the Way, They also sell Calf sleeves and take special orders. So stop on by and take a look around. Their is something for everyone!


Running4Rescues said...

I didn't know they had pockets in them, I will have to look into getting some! Thanks for the info :)

Aph Mordly said...

yes you can get them with a pocket on them. They are perfect for the ID and keys and money :)

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