The Importance of using a kitchen scale Mira Kitchen Scale Review!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

As most know, when you are on a diet, or I as I like to call it a life style change, it is really important to weigh your food for accurate information. A great way to help keep track of how much you are eating is by using a food scale. Why is this? Well normal Americans eat portion sizes that are just way too much for their body to handle. A serving size back from the 50’s is much smaller than one of today. I mean, you can’t go anywhere now days and actually get a proper proportionate meal nowadays.  Even in the American home, it is very hard to find a family who uses proper proportions while eating their food.

This is why American’s are so obese these days. That is why a food scale is the best tool you can have to aid in your new lifestyle change.  Again I reiterate, I HATE the word Diet. This is because when you think of Diet, most of the time, it has a negative standing behind it. Secondly, DIETS DON’T WORK! Plain and simple. They are doomed to fail. Every one of them.  On the other hand, a life style change is a new mind set. You are not telling yourself I can’t have something. Which in a diet, it will end up encouraging you to cheat.  A lifestyle change, allows you to see what, on a diet, you can’t have and yet in your mind, you chose I can have that, I just chose not to have it. It is a totally different mind frame.
Anyways, I honestly feel this is the best tool in my kitchen. It also is the best aid in my family’s new lifestyle change.  With the aid of mine and the research of the proper proportions, I have now gotten out of my nasty little rut I was in and have now started to lose weight. Yes, I have been a little more active but I feel activity is only a part of losing weight. The main ingredient to weight loss is what you put in your mouth.

What is so important about using a food scale?
Well, this answer is very quiet simple. When starting your new lifestyle change, measuring your food is one of the most important parts of learning how to eat the proper serving sizes.  This will then show you the portions you thought were like 3 ounces may actually like 6-8 ounces.  That can make the difference in losing 2 pounds or gaining it. Most have heard the only thing you need is a measuring cup and spoon but in fact, there are only part of the tools you need. Using a kitchen scale along with measuring cups and spoons will allow you to ace your nutritional input and help you start shredding off the pounds in no time.

Recently, I had the opportunity myself to try out a digital kitchen scale from Mira. Before, I was using one of those big white bulky scales from Wal-Mart. Have to admit, it really wasn’t the best in the world, but I made do with it. When I first opened this scale, I was so scared I was going to break it. I mean this is thin and light weight. But man is it durable. I honestly have put this scale through some tough tests.  For example, I have been teaching my children the importance of eating healthy and how to measure the proper proportions.  They have spilled a few things, been kind of rough with it but it is still going strong. I have to admit, I am shocked but I am very glad I have the opportunity to use this. My camera has been having issues lately so I haven’t really been able to take many pictures of us using it. But I will soon and will post in a new page of pictures of products so you all can see it. That is part of the reason I have held out on doing this review was due to my camera acting up and only working when it wants to. I just had to get this post out to you guys. Not only due to the review of this awesome kitchen scale but to stress the importance of using one in your home when you are trying to lose weight or even bulk up. Either or, the importance of having one in your home to aid in a healthy lifestyle is essential. I really hope you all enjoyed the post and remember eat right, get plenty of rest and don’t forget to sweat pink.

For more info on purchasing a Mira Compact Slim Digital Kitchen scale, feel free to visit the company’s website or  you can even purchase at Sears buy just clicking the link.


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