Coming Back with a smile on my face! Rugged Maniac Race!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Hello everyone,
Due to my blogger account acting up I am now having to rewrite my race season post. First off as you know I do a lot of OCR races because they soothe me more than road races. Mostly because my mind is always busy with them. I can't just let my mind wonder. I get way too bored with that. With OCR's I am always scanning the ground, planning where my next step is going to be, listening for wildlife, ect. For me, that's perfect. 

What's even more perfect is I get to start my race season off with a bang by doing the Rugged Maniac. For me this is the perfect way to start a race season because it is challenging and allows me to push myself when with most other races it's like "is that it?" With the rugged maniac you have obstacles like antigravity and pyrotechnics that get me excited to even look at. What scares me the most however, is all the tight tunnels and confined spaces. I fear I will definitely be freaking out when it comes to those. 

Sounds like fun though don't it? Well don't take just my word for it, take the leap of awesomeness and sign up today for it! Scared about the price? That's okay. I got something for you. How does 10% off sound? By using the code APHY10 you get a good chunk of change to go in your pocket. Or if your like me, that extra will get spent at the merchandise tent lol. I know I am amped up and ready for my race. How about you?

Photos gotten from the rugged maniac website.


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