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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hi! My name is Jonette and I blog at This Princess Runs. I was asked to do a post for my fellow #sweatpink sister's birthday month! Happy Birthday girl! I wanted to tell you a little more about me and my journey from a girl who is more curvaceous. I started this journey, again, and I say again because I have been down this road many a time and quit before. Why did I quit? Frustration, and just tired of fighting it I guess. But this time, it has to do with my daughter. I realize that I don't have pictures with her, because I hate pictures of myself. I look back at my childhood and there are not that many picture of me with my mom. My mom passed away of breast cancer almost 13 years ago. I wonder if her weight had something to do with it. I don't know if we will ever know the answer to that. So I am trying again. I want to be around for my husband and my child. I want them to be proud of me and I want to be excited to be in pictures again. My weight is something that I have fought as long as I remember. But when I was pregnant with my daughter, it got out of control. Ladies and gents, I grew a whole other tush. Yep, one that shows up about 15 minutes after I leave. Ok, it isn't *that* bad, but close. Left is post preggers, and right is where I would like to be! 20130527-182553.jpg   As a girl on the larger side, I have learned a few things that I hope to share with you.
     1) It's ok to start slow, just start! My journey started with the purchase of my fitbit. Yep! Love my fitbit. I made it a goal to try and get 10,000 steps a day! It's harder than it sounds. I encouraged people who wanted to have meetings with me at work to walk around the outside of the buildings. That worked great until it got really hot! Since it has gotten hot, I have worked getting my steps in through other ways. Going the long way to the bathroom, etc.
      2) Nutrition is a key to your success! This is true, and the hardest thing for me. I have done Weight Watchers in the past. So, I am back on Weight Watchers and I am using eMeals. eMeals rocks. No seriously! They put together menus for you for a week, they send you the shopping list, and these recipes are EASY and QUICK. There are so many choices for you to choose from. After a busy day at work, and trying to get the child in bed at a decent time, it is important that this is something that I can do quickly and it's tasty. My hubbie only wants meals that are quick that he doesn't have to think about. If it is fast food or a microwave he loves it. The fact that my child and my hubbie love these meals, is such a bonus. I feel so much better about being a mom when I can put something on the table that is good for both of them to eat. I am using the Publix low fat plan. I wish they had Weight Watchers points with the recipes. The only other improvement would be more spices. I am from Louisiana, we don't do bland food. Running is my time alone. It is the time I have for me. Here is what I have found that works for me with running. When you are on the more curvaceous side, I have found that there are certain things that I am doing that are really keeping me healthy.
 1) Shoes - I went and got fitted at a running store for shoes. When I was using my regular tennis shoes I was having bad knee pain. My new shoes really helped.
 2) Get over the fear of exercising in front of others. This was one of the hardest things to me. But what I have found out over the past few months is that no matter what the size we all have issues about body image It is crazy to me that that is true, and it has empowered me to continue on.
 3) Nutrition on your run - I really love Island Boost and Nuun. I like that neither is icky and super sweet. That I don't have to choke either down, like gels. Island Boost is all natural and that is the best. I am working hard for this new body and I don't want to add chemicals in it. Like any nutrition, make sure you practice on your runs with it. See what works best for you. boost
 4) Use a foam roller - I have a love/ hate relationship with my foam roller. But it has helped with my knee and my IT band issues. It really helps out after a long run. I make sure that I use it religiously. 3 GRIDs - Large
 5) Stretching - Make sure you take the time to stretch well after a long run. If you don't, you may regret it later.
 6) Ice, Ice Baby - Not just a catchy song from the '80s. Ice your knees and ankles! It really helps.
 7) If all else fails, get a cute outfit. I show a new race outfit every week on my blog. I try to focus on race wear that can be purchased in all sizes!   Thanks Aph for this opportunity to share what I have learned. Have a GREAT birthday month! I hope that I will see some of you over at This Princess Runs soon!   Sweat Pink Ya'll! Jonette


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