Race recap! Color Up 5k

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Okay as some of you know, I participated in the color up Temple a few weeks ago. It was fun and I really enjoyed it. The only thing I really didn't like is their wasn't many water stations. I mean with it being the Texas heat, I got dehydrated very quickly.  Other than that, I loved it. I honestly can say I did the whole 5k course (unlike a lot of people who I witnessed skip a huge strip of the course)

It is definitely something to do with friends. I was with a group of awesome people in a team called the Maniacs. Yes the team leader is awesomely RAD in every since of the word so it is a fitting name :) We arrived a little early and waited in line getting ready to run. Unlike the other race I have done, their wasn't a wave line up. EVERYONE waited in one long line till the announcer at the front let people go. Little by little. Till it was our wave (which was about half of the people all going in one huge wave) So it did make the already warm day even a little it hotter but it was worth it. I mean wow the view and the stations were amazing! We got to have so much fun and view the scenery and shoot, our party started before the race. when we arrived to line up, we were already covered in color lol. (yes people where looking at us funny cause their are all these white shirts and then us maniacs already colored up) That's another reason why the name is so fitting lol. It was definitely a race I would do again. the after party was so wickedly awesome! I mean they where firing shirts and goodies at everyone with a shirt launcher. Their was color everywhere and the DJ and staff, kept the party going! They even had the kids of the 5k go on stage and dance and such so they weren't trampled on by the adults.

They had bottled water, pixi sticks and color packs at the finish line. If you got their quick enough you were also able to snag a snow cone! I walked out with 3 beach balls, a shirt, 3 color packs. (which I am saving up to put in a shadow box along with my bib)
This chic was awesome at keeping the crowd going! The DJ was a hit as well!

The only thing I really think that would have made this a little better would be more water stations or at least a recommendation to bring your own water container to fill at the stations. Other than that I LOVED it and looking forward to the next race I go to :)

 Race PICS!!!!!

Clean canvases!

Me before the race. Sporting off my Zola Shades!

This lil one is so cute! I had to snag a pic of him! (with his dad's permission of coarse!)


Is what you don't see is my blue teeth!

She looks like she lost a battle with a smurf! But had fun doing it!

Mellow Yellow Angels!

Yes I am being a goof and dancing in the color!

Pink Bomb!

Let it rain Yellow!

The awesome Staff!

The finished canvas!


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