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Friday, September 6, 2013

After discussing my feelings and thoughts to a friend of mine about how my blog was going, I discovered that I have kind of lost track of what my blog is all about. I mean, when I started, I was focusing on healthy eating and helping others eat healthy as well. I did this by posting my foods so others could see and critique it so I could learn better and healthier eating.  Life hit, like it does to us all, and I noticed, I was steering clear of that and taking on a path of what I felt you guys wanted to see. I kind of lost track of what was helping me and focused on what I felt would really help everyone else. I love doing reviews and giveaways as much as the next blogger does. Please don’t interpret this as me saying I don’t. I just feel I need to start incorporating more of what I did in the start. Meaning that me posting my meal plans and my workouts will in turn not only help me by making me more accountable for what I ingest, but will also in turn help you all out by showing you my path and what works for me and what doesn’t work for me and my family.  You may be having the same issue as I am or you may know a better way to do things than I do. That’s why I am going to ask for all of my readers help. When I post my weekly meal plan at the beginning of the week then again with pictures at the end of the week, please feel free to critique it a bit and tell me how I could make it better.

Not only will I post them for me but for you as well so you and your families can try them.  I am also going to start looking into more products that will help me along my journey to write to you guys about.  For example, I am now looking to review and possibly participate in a giveaway, products like clothing, performance powders like BCAA, glutamine and other products to help me lose the weight and gain the muscle without the harmful side effects most seem to have. I am also looking to better my blog so I can start making a little bit of extra income for my family. As long as what I am writing about falls in the lines of my goals. I am going to try to steer clear away from “Fad Diets and pills” because in the long run, they cause more harm than they help.  I want to try out accessories that I can use to help me keep track of my progress and important items. (Like hydration packs, things to carry my stuff in, Head bands, etc.)  I know there are so many fads out there in this day and age that have little to no actual clinical research to back up the claims they make. Do I really need to remind everyone of the Fen-Phen Diet and all the harm that caused?

My family is the most important thing to me. I want to be here for them as long as the good lord lets me. So I am making it my vow to start steering clear of all the harmful things that I have before put inside my body to help me get to my fitness goals.  I am going to start setting more goals and do all I can to blast through them.  I have made it my goal to be healthy now for 9 months and I honestly thought I was doing great at it. It hasn’t been enough. The goals I have set are still sitting there collecting dust and that is going to end NOW! I am going to do more races, work out harder, eat healthier and beat the long family line of thyroid issues and other obesity problems. I make it my vow that my children will not have to worry about being overweight because I am going to teach them the importance of eating healthy and exercising.  Fad Diets Don’t Work! When it comes to losing weight, there is no easy way out. There is always a catch somewhere.  Or you don’t find out till it is too late that it is harmful to your body. (To late as in go to the doctor and find out your thyroid is now shot and you have to take medicine for the rest of your life. Or WORSE!)

My journey has not been an easy one. I have gotten discouraged and honestly, I have wanted to quit more than I can count on one hand. That is when I turn to my mentors for help. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have mentors to look up to you and help you when you feel like you are sliding down that cliff. I have been there. Trust me I know how it feels.  I have 2 mentors I go to when I need that “Tough Love” or that “You got this. Don’t give up now” and the “Look at all you have done. You should be proud of yourself”  I know from one mentor, I bet you there is at least a dozen times she wanted to reach through the computer and smack some sense into me because either I was discouraged or was doing something stupid. Yet I know deep down she did it because she knows I can succeed and she sees how strong I am. Though sometimes, I can’t see it in myself. Both are there to answer any question I have. No matter if it is stupid or not. They even listen when I need to rant and get something off my chest.  These two wonderful people always seem to know what I need before I do. Yes at times I am in shock because of I get something in my head that is driving me nuts then she posts on her blog about what I was thinking about and it clarifies everything.   The other, well I could really say so much about her but I think it will take me days to write about all the good she has helped me with. I think all in all, I owe her the most. She is the one who helped me get on my weight loss journey and introduced me to my other mentor.  I even have had the wonderful opportunity to go to lunch with her for my birthday and meet her in person.

The point I am making is, everyone needs that someone who they can go to when they feel they are about to fail. Every successful person who has set a goal and then blew it out of the water has had a mentor of some kind to help them. Either by getting inspiration from this person about how they succeeded or had that special person there for them when they needed them the most.  That is another goal for me. To get on the path I need to be on and then later in the future, help and mentor others on their journey. I highly recommend you follow the following two people. You can follow their sites or social media. You can even try to contact them directly through their sites as well. I can guarantee you, if it is fitness related, they can answer you.  I honestly believe these 2 people deserve recognition for all they have done and will continue to do. Not just for me, but for others as well. The 2 ladies are Joanna Broadbent , blogger for http://sportsbrasandsippycups.com/, fellow SPA and GGSA, and Laura Williams, Founder of http://www.girlsgonesporty.com/.   Please take a look at their sites and you will see what I am talking about.

In closing, I really do thank all of you, my followers, for all of your support and ideas. You have helped me make Aphalicious Bliss what it is today. Without all of you, my blog would not be half of what It is. Thank you!


Bethany Pelc said...

This is a great post! I'm glad you have such great mentors (love their sites!) and that you are making good decisions! I look forward to seeing your meal plans :-) I am struggling with food right now as I am gluten free and running out of new things to make. Maybe I will be inspired by something you make that I can modify :-) keep up the good work! You can do this!

Cynthia @ You Signed Up For What?! said...

Good for you for reassessing what matters most to you, and what you are going to do to get there. Definitely keep writing for your motivation and the motivation to others. I'm no expert on health, fitness, and healthy eating but I love to share my experiences and I think that with others online we can all help each other, like you're saying!

Kelly @ Leafy Not Beefy said...

Oh, this post was so heartwarming (not sure that's the right word, but it was just so great to read). I very much understand how blogging can sometimes suck you in and you start writing what you think everyone wants you to write, but in reality, everyone just wants us to write what's on our hearts, and I've got a long way to go, as I often catch myself going down that slippery slope. You DO have this - I have seen so much strength in you! Getting refocused in life and in this blog life we have is pretty important, so thanks for the reminder it is for myself. Oh, and Joanna and Laura are both such awesome amazing people! They do so deserve the recognition!

Have a wonderful weekend! I'll try to be more active on your blog :)

Aph Mordly said...

Thank you all so very much. I have been in a rut for a little bit now and couldn't ever seem to find out why. I wasn't losing inches or pounds and no matter what I did, I would seem to fail. So after watching Laura's Vlog post she did on the Girls Gone Sporty FB Page, I decided that it was what I was missing. I had lost track of what really made me happy. SO I am doing more in depth on every post now and making it more structured. I feel it allows me to get more of what I want to say out in the open and not lost in the words. I have been not only revamping my blog, but my life as well. To Cynthia, Most of my meals are Paleo/Primal so I bet most will work for you without too much modifications. If any of you would like me to try a dish that you think my family would love, feel free to email me @ aphalicious@gmail.com. You never know, It may end up as one of my weekly recap dishes :) Again thank you all who have read this. It means so very much to me

Aimee said...

I feel like all blogs are best when you are true to yourself. This is why we all love Joanna and Laura, because they are authentic. My blog too helps me stay accountable. When I put things in writing and post them for the universe to see, I hold my self accountable, and that's what I see in you. "Momma does what momma says" right? So, you posting your nutrition and workouts not only helps others it holds you accountable.

Keep rockin' it momma! You got this. #sweatpink #girlsGoneSporty #teamFantastic

Aph Mordly said...

Thank you so much for your kind words. I will be posting my meal plan today for last week and the disappointment of me having to change the meal plan and what was eaten :( I feel like I disappointed myself for not staying on the plan but I still think It was better than what it could have been.

Zoe's Mommy said...

Thank you so much lady! I know that your journey has been hard, but it is all a learning curve. ;-) You will accomplish your goals, I know it!!!! xoxo

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