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Saturday, October 4, 2014

I recently came across a post about a mother of 2 who weighs 160 kg and blames it on not getting enough assistance to change her lifestyle. Well as a mother of 3, I feel like I have to speak up on this issue. As you all know I don't normally post things like this but this is something that I feel I need to speak up on.

The Facebook article states the following:

"An obese mother-of-two who lives on benefits says she needs more of taxpayers' money to overhaul her unhealthy lifestyle.
Christina Briggs, 26, says she hates being 160 kilos but she can't do anything about it because she can only afford junk food. Meanwhile, exercise is out of the question because she doesn't have the funds to join a gym."

 This statement hits close to home for me. See, I use to be 260 pounds (118 Kg). Stay at home mother of 3 beautiful little ones and completely miserable. It took me finding out how bad off I really was for me to change things around. Now, I am 60 pounds lighter and on my way. Yes the food cost a lot more than it did before. That is no joke. Yes their are days I don't eat because I didn't have enough money to feed everyone in my family that month so I do without to make sure my kids eat.  The difference is, We are active. We get out and walk as a family. We drink water out of the tap instead of buying sodas and junk. We buy cheap veggies instead of chips for snacks. We also don't go to fast food places because that is money that can be spent on more important things like healthy food or shoes for my kids. I don't drive a new car. Shoot, My car is just as old as I am. Doesn't make me any less of a person or mother.

I have had to learn over the years that the only way to take good care of my children, was to take the time and effort to take care of me as well. I chose to do without a lot to make sure my kids have what they need. Yes, I have made some bad choices along the way. What parent hasn't? I however get back up, dust myself off and try to fix things without making excuses for them. Every parent can relate to me on this aspect. Your kids always come first. The hard part is when you take a little to take care of yourself. That's when trouble seems to always arise. That is when people come out of the wood work to bash you and make you feel bad about yourself for taking a bit to take care of yourself. I am not talking about going out and blowing money on new clothes and cars or anything of the sorts. I had so many bad looks and bad comments towards me when I first started taking the time to better my health. I mean, what is so wrong with wanting to be here to see my kids grow old and have babies of their own? NOTHING!

This is where I know the bashing and negative comments will start but honestly, I really don't care because I am going to be honest and I am not going to hold back about it. I work at a local gym. I work their because I love fitness and I love children. It makes this job perfect. For me anyways. I work just a few hours shy of 40 hours a week and I don't just sit at some front desk and sit around. I work my behind off to keep my job because working makes me happy. I work to feel like I can make a difference. Yes, I miss out so much of my kids life but I can hold my head high to know I can pay the bills and provide for my family. Even though I don't make much, I still at least try but I can't do it alone. In My family their are 6 mouth's to feed. 3 of which are children and 2 are disabled adults. We make due with what we have and sacrifice to make sure everyone has at least what they need. When people see or hear that someone is on assistance they automatically feel entitled to bash and gawk and call names but they don't know the struggles that we go through on a day to day basis. They don't know that we feel like worthless people because even though we work hard to make ends meet, we still have to have help. Most people on assistance don't even have health coverage cause even the "All Mighty Affordable Care Act" is too expensive for some of us to afford.

Yeah you read that right. I applied and got told that just for me and my husband, we would have to pay $600 a month for insurance that didn't have a $1200 deductible that you have to pay before the insurance will even start covering anything. If I made over $25k a year, I would qualify for a discount but I don't make even half of that a year so I am not eligible. Medicaid won't help unless you make under $250 a month so most Texans who are low income have to do without. Even if I could afford the insurance, most places here won't even accept it. So basically I am up rough waters without a paddle. (I know the saying is different but I am trying to keep this post PG)

I am great-full that I have a strong back that allows me to work because some can't. The lord has blessed with that and I tank him daily for it. I am also very blessed to work where I do and with some of the people I work with. We are a little dysfunctional family you can call it. If it wasn't for m working this past year where I work now (At The Field House Gym) I would be a lot worse than I am now. I also have to give thanks to a few groups of ladies that have given me mental support and helped me get through a lot of struggles. Even though most people in my life have turned their back on me when I am down and out and really want anything to do with me when I am doing well or they want something. These ladies are not like that and they have become an unofficial part of my family. Thank you to all the ladies of Girls Gone Sporty, Sweat Pink, I'm Fit Possible, Strong Figure and a few Co-Ed groups Like Lone Star Spartans. Not to mention a few individuals that deserve so much praise for being their when I needed them the most.Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement when I was ready to give up. Love you guys and would be honored to return the favor if it is ever needed.

To finish this post off, I have a few more words that I feel need to be said and heard.  You all are amazing and perfect. No matter what anyone says or thinks. As long as you love yourself, that is all that matters. Stop giving excuses and stories to make yourself look or feel better. Be you and only you. That's all that matters is your beauty in and out. If you are not happy about looking a certain way or being a certain way, take the time for yourself and change it. Do it for no one but you. THAT, is what is most important. Love you all and so glad to finally be back after the summer and looking forward to more amazing posts for you guys to come.


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