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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Sorry for the post today guys! My computer bit the dust and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Well, enough with the depressing aspect of the post. Let's get into the reason this post is being created to begin with. 

Recently I had the honor of trying Freekah for the first time. Okay, I have a confession to make about this. sighs! Well, I am addicted to trying new healthy foods! So when I got the message that I was chosen to try Freekah out, I was excited. I admit even if I try a product out for the first time, I may not be as excited about the product afterwards. Is that wrong? Not at all. It means I am human. When trying Freekah however, I was just the opposite! I liked it! 

There were a few things I didn't like about it but the taste wasn't one of them.  I will get into a little more detail about what the pros and cons were in a moment. First lets get a little more info about the origin of Freekah!

Freekah is a middle eastern dish that was discovered over 2,000 years ago. According to the website, it was discovered when farmers wheat crops were accidentally set ablaze. According to Wikipedia, I use it quite often while doing research, The wheat is harvested while the grains are yellow and the seeds are still soft; it is then piled and sun-dried. The piles are then carefully set on fire so only the straw and chaff burn and not the seeds. Then they are sun dried for the flavor. 

So, while most wait until the wheat is brown and the seeds are hard, the Middle East cut some down early to create this dish. Hmmm, maybe they are onto something we are not. 

Freekah is mainly eaten as a breakfast meal but it can be eaten and mixed with basically anything. For example, I ate mine with sautéed mushrooms, broccoli, asparagus, and ground beef. Have to admit, it was good. 

Okay, I know you guys love hearing the pros and cons of things. It helps sell or condemn products. It also helps in deciding whether or not trying the product is worth it. So buckle up buttercups. It's time for the grind of the review!

I will start off with the Pros that i experienced followed by cons. As most who know me know, I am a texture freak! If it's slimy or gritty, nine times out of ten, this chick will not eat it. The texture was that of oatmeal. Not as slimy but had the same consistency. It also absorbed the flavors of the food that it was mixed with while still keeping its own flavor as well. I even gave some to my kids and they ate it. Bonus points for mom! I even made some for my kids for breakfast with a buffet style selection of fruits and nuts for my kids the next morning. They asked for 2nds! Talking about one happy mom! It is also budget friendly as well. For a case of 6, it will cost you $14.50. Each bag is 4 servings. That is about $.60 a serving. More change in the pocket! 

Now for the cons. After opening the bag, I took a big sniff of the content of the bag. It reminded me of bird seed. The whole time I was cooking it, it is cooked just like rice, my house smelled like bird seed. If you like that smell, awesome. I have recently lost my bird so it was a smell that brought back memories. Other than that, I have nothing! This stuff is good! 

Still don't believe me? Want to try it for yourself? Well head on over to my fb page and comment on the picture of Freekah to be entered to win your own! 

important info:

I was not paid to write this review. I was given the product to try and give an honest review about. All testimonies are from my personal experiences and mine alone!


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