Beats to Rock Your Monday Slum!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

We all know Monday's really blow. No denying that.  SO here is a few tunes to start the day off with. These are awesome to start your day off with, because everyone knows the wost day to skip out on your workout is Monday's. So here is a little treasure for your ear holes to help you shred those pounds while still looking and feeling FABULOUS!
First Lets get your heart pumping with style! Here is an awesome tune from Samantha Marq feat. Jessie Payo called Super Girl.

This next tune is for those rocker chicks who love to rock out and aren't afraid to take out their feelings and shred them to bits with an awesome tune. Here is for you guys. It's Blacklisted Me with Reprobate Romance.
This is for those who love some sort of love song that has such an awesome beat. It is called Hard to Breath by Nikki Flores. I like listening to this song when I am out early in the morning jogging. Hope you like it as much as I do.
For those of you who love to save a buck and those who got your own style, this is for you!! Thrift shop- Macklemore
For all you southern cuties out their, here is one cowboy that will have your heart pounding even if you aren't running :) Something about Kenny Chesney with no shirt on singing Pirate Flag...... *Fans*
Yep gotta love it. If you have any request, let me know. I can throw anything your way you wanna hear. Just drop me a line and pass it around ;)


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