Injured but Pushing On!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Saturday of last week was amazing. I ran/jogged/power walked over 9 miles. I was super stoked and really really happy. I woke Sunday super tired so I called it a rest day.  Well, Monday I went to the hospital to visit a friend and took the stairs. Made the elevator my enemy :) Walked up and down and up again a total of 36 floors. Even more happy with myself. Well, at the time I was. Tuesday morning comes, I sit up in bed and went to stand up.... Bad pain in my arch shooting towards the ball of my foot. Every time I would put pressure on my foot, it would come back. So I called the Dr. and told her about the pain. She told me to put n my boot, from when this happened last time in my other foot, and wear it for a week. Talking about a wake up call. I hated wearing this the first time. Now I have to wear it again.

Well, I haven't let this boot stop me. I have taken this opportunity to get back to doing my mat workouts. Doing crunches, arm chest presses, weighted pullovers, and many more. I have even been doing the leg lifts. (with the added weight of the boot, it has had some awesome burning with it) Yep, I got to keep the bright side of it. Everything happens for a reason. We may not know the reason at the time, but their is always a reason.

I have learned from this experience, listen more to your body. Don't ignore that feeling you get when your body is telling you to rest it out. I thought I listened but I guess I didn't listen well enough. I over did myself. In result, I got injured. Now, I am focusing on my upper body and mid section while I recover. I am also going to try this week to get some ace bandages to wrap up my foot for when I am doing the workouts and make sure to save up for a few more pair of compression socks.

I have had some time to think this week and organize my priorities a bit more. Yes, I want to lose weight and all pretty fast, who doesn't. After this, I know I need to listen to my body and not try to rush things. I have also found out that I have not been eating enough. I have been keeping my caloric intake between 1200-1500 calories. Even when I work out a lot. That is wrong for me to do. If I burn 3k-4k calories, I need to eat more than 1500. I need to try to keep between 7000-1400 calorie deficient at the most. Not the 2300+ I been doing a week now. From the few awesome people I have talked to, eating that low of a caloric intake even when working out, will cause my metabolism harm.  Which kinda explains the 1 lbs a week drop I seem to be doing lol.

I recently came across some awesome Nutrition Images that I have added to make one that I would love to share with you guys. In the following image, you will see how much of each food you need in your diet, from how many fruits/vegetables, to meats , to fats, and Carbohydrates. This has helped me focus myself on the foods I eat and intake. I have also added Chia seeds to my diet. Okay I do have to warn you on the Chia seeds. They are really slimy and if you have a texture issue to slimy things like me, I wouldn't make them into a juice. Believe me, I through up after drinking it cause the feel of it sliding down my throat was too much for me. So I have been looking into other ways to add this to my foots without the slimy effects.  I have also tried coconut water. Okay, this is from my experience and mine alone. I do not like it. I have always had it to be sweet and yummy but the ones I got were bitter and gross. One I got even tasted like it was syrup. Not for me. I did however soak my chicken in it before adding the almond flour to it when making my Chicken Parmasian. I also added it to a smoothie I made with spinach, avocado, and berries. By itself though, I couldn't do it. Wish I could but I can't. I just don't like it. I know everyone has different taste. Like me, I LOVE avocado hummus. It is yummy on top of celery. I know a few other healthy living people who hate it. So these are from my experience and what I have found from my own trials. You never know, you may like them. You never know till you try. Well without further delay, here are those charts I was talking about.

In the next few days, I will be adding more recipes to my food page so please keep an eye out for some more awesome yummies. If you don't know where to find it, it is on the left side of this post labeled weight loss meals :)  Lots of hugs to you all and remember Sweat is Fat Crying and DON'T forget the importance of rest days. Your body will let you know when it is time!


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