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Saturday, April 6, 2013

I have recently had the pleasure of working with knuckle lights to review their awesome running lights. As most of you know, I am not a great runner but I do have 3 kids. So my "running time" is mommy time. The bad apart about this has been, I can only run in the morning or evenings. Which has limited the "Me Time"

Well when I got these in the mail, I was super excited! From the video, They looked beyond cool and I had that little voice in the back of my head saying "yeah buddy here come's me time" lol I can now have that me time! When I got them I didn't expect the light to be so bright. I put the Batteries in and turned them on. After a moment of OOops, my husband could finally see without that green dot you see if you look into the light too long.  I on the other hand was rolling on the floor laughing! SO were the kids. He didn't think it was funny at the time though lol.

Okay enough about the Oops moment, even though I am laughing yet again remembering that moment, These things actually  work. They move with your hands so you can just move them to where you are wanting to look without actually moving your head like most of the other lights I have seen. They have kept me from tripping over things and have even helped me stay noticeable by cars. I even had a police officer say they looked cool. Note to self, if you can't even see a speck of light in the sky, running around your neighborhood is not to wise. Someone thought I was a up to no good lol. I had to pass the stickers and such to him cause now, he wants one :) See good things sometimes come out of bad situations :)
These lights are meant to be worn like brass knuckle, each (their are 2 in a package) illuminate with four 45-lumen LED floodlights powered by three AAA batteries. Each light secured with an adjustable silicone straps to keep it from moving around to much. They have a single power button that is easily accessed by your thumb. Turn them on and you are ready to run those early morning or late night runs. Here is the best part.... It is weatherproof! Yep you just have to love that!

Is what I have to get use to is that my hands sweat a lot and it makes them kinda slippery on my hands a little. Not much but enough to have to get me to grip tighter on the bands which makes my hands sweat more. Even with the strap as tight as it could go. Oh well though. Overall I really like this product. I also love how their are different Light settings you can use for different running situations. Like High for Really dark, Medium for when the sun is coming up and I haven't figured out what the blinking light is good for other than playing flashlight tag with my kids at night lol. They like it cause they have to be quick with it. This idea was awesome! It is an awesome product and I am really glad to have had the opportunity to use these.  I would recommend these to fellow runners and have a few times already. They think it is a great idea. This product has given me back what every mother needs, her ME TIME!


Tabitha said...

I am looking for a good bright light to use on early morning runs. I might give these a try! SPA <3

Tabitha @

Anne said...

These are awesome!

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