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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Yeppy! It is an arm/upper body workout day :) I love doing upper body because I know that With the added strength, I can do more airplanes and superman's with my son. for those who don't have kids, an airplane is when you have your child laying belly down in your arms as you run around the house making airplane noises :) A superman is when you hold your child by the waist and lift them in the air and they pretend to be superman :) Not only do I love to do them as my arms feel the burn after, but he loves them just as much.

As all of you awesome readers know, this week I have teamed up with a few awesome bloggers about the proper way to do certain exercises. Today I figured that due to yesterdays squats, I will do my second favorite workout..... THE BURPEE! Yeah that's right, I said it. I love them. They are fun and I can so feel the burn with them :)

For those of you that are scraching your heads asking what a Burpee is, Here is a little info found from wikapedia.

The burpee, also known as the squat thrust, is a full body exercise used in strength training and as aerobic exercise. It is performed in four steps, and was originally known as a "four-count Burpee":

    Begin in a standing position.
    Drop into a squat position with your hands on the ground. (count 1)
    Extend your feet back in one quick motion to assume the front plank position. (count 2)
    Return to the squat position in one quick motion. (count 3)
    Return to standing position. (count 4)

There are so many different variations of this exercise. Some I have shown you in previous posts in a video I did. Here is a few more that may interest you.

Pull-up burpee
    Combine a pull-up with the jump or do a pull-up instead of the jump.
Muscle-up burpee
    Combine a muscle-up (a variation of a pull-up) with the jump or do a muscle-up instead of the jump.
Double burpee
    Instead of one pushup, do two in a row. This cancels the drive from landing after the jump and makes the next jump harder. Each part of the burpee might be repeated to make it even harder.
One Leg burpee
    The athlete stands on one leg, bends at the waist and puts hands on ground so they are aligned with shoulders. Next jump back with the standing leg to plank position. Jump forward with the one leg that was extended, and do a one-leg jump. Repeat on opposite side.
Side burpee
    The athlete bends at waist and places hand shoulder-width apart to the side of right or left foot. Jump both legs out to side and land on the outer and inner sides of your feet. Jump back in, jump up, and repeat on opposite side.
    Starting in plank position perform a push-up, then with hands maintaining position on the floor quickly bring feet forward so that the toes are even with the hands, then return to plank position.

Just to name a few. I personally are a little to heavy still to make this all in one jump so I do the modified version. Which is instead of extending my feet back in a jump, I lower down onto one knee then placing my other knee down, then stepping back into a plank with both feet then walking my feet up like a mountain climber,then standing up and adding a jump to the end.  After a certain amount of those, you will definitely feel it.

So as I will do with every exercise, I will add a video to help you do a proper burpee :) Hope you enjoy :)

(at 45 seconds is the kind I do)

I really hope you like these as much as I do :) Happy work out!


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