1 Week Left To Go! I Want Some COLOR!!!!!!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Okay guys, Now that I have one 5k under my belt I am not as nervous but I still am just a little. As you have read before, I will be running in the Color Up Temple, which is apart of the Race Texas Series. The series also includes races like the following:

7-14-13   TRI Aggieland Sprint Triathlon
10-12-13  Muddy Zombie
12-23-13  Santa's Wonderland Christmas Mile & 5K

The race I will running is June 29th in Temple Texas. I will be joined by a few of my awesome friends and their friends. This will be one RAD time. This will be my first race like this but I have heard that it is one that you have to spend a lot of time walking due to the fact that at the color stations, people are trying to get as much paint on them as absolutely possible so if you run most of it, you will be stopping a lot to be able to get even a little bit of paint on you and to get through the station. Which is fine by me cause I am still a slow runner.  I will be with the Maniacs and from what I have heard, they get their name for a reason so Yes it will be such a blast. Besides, when is it ever okay to get covered in paint and not worry about what people will think cause everyone around you is doing the same? Besides With all the colors that will be thrown, you can end up looking like you are a pink panther, blue from Blue's Clues, or even the Jolly Green Giant. Depending on what you like best. Or why settle with trying to get the most of just one color when you can make one awesome looking custom tie dye? The more you have fun, the better off you will end up looking. 

The paint used is safe so you don't have to worry about it getting in your nose and such - if it does, you will just end up with rainbow colored snot for a few blows lol. The paint is Colored powdered corn starch that is approved by the FDA so it is even better. So while running, you won't have to worry about your clothes being weighted down or making you feel all sticky and such. The goal of these kind of runs are to just have fun. Dress up, act crazy, be a kid. No one will care cause they will be doing the same. I have heard of people even doing the race in their wedding dresses and such. So have at it. It is your time to have fun and be crazy. Don't forget to dress all crazy. Where tutu's or veils, or even crazy socks. Or if you don't wanna go all out, go to someplace like Hobby Lobby and get you a white bandana and put it over your nose and mouth and get it all color-fied too. 

Does this sound like something you may enjoy doing? the pricing is $50 till June 29th and then $55 on race day :) Make sure you carpool because parking is $5.
Does this sound like something you will like to do? Come on Ladies and Gents, trust me you will love it!  If this is something you really wanna do, head on over to Color Up TEMPLE and register today!


Anonymous said...

Have fun! I have a color run too this coming Saturday ! So excited!

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