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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Recently I had the honor of reviewing NUUN. For those of you guys who don't know what NUUN is, sugarless, dissolvable, and portable tablet that you add to your bottle of water for anywhere hydration. It is perfect for cyclist, runners, health oriented people or any other athlete that doesn't have room or the ability to carry a heavy load of hydration items or knows their body deserves more than what all the other sugary, non healthy drinks that are on the market today that claim to promote Hydration. They are based out of Seattle, WA. and are available in over 30 countries.
Well as most of you who read my blog regularly, you know I have cut all sugar out of my diet and The problem I face is that I am allergic to most artificial sweeteners. That's what I love about NUUN All Day. It doesn't have sugar in it yet it does have a sweetener I can use. Stivia. An added bonus to these tablets are, they are only 8 calories! Oh yes that is such a great added bonus compared to the 100+ calories and 20+ grams of sugar in Gatorade. From trying both of them, NUUN and Gatorade, I found I had less of a crash afterwards. I retained more water, blood sugar spike, and the groggy crash at the end after drinking the Gatorade. While with NUUN, I didn't have any of those side effects. I was terrified I would end up looking like a balloon afterwards and I didn't which is wonderful.

When I first tested this out in the summer sun, I went for a 3 miles run with my family in the 90 degree heat. Afterwards, it really hurt to move my hands cause they were swollen. I was like crap I can't use this. So I saw my doctor and asked a few runners I know and come to find out, With all I was wearing and working out with, I was majorly dehydrated. I was recommended to not drink the workout fuel I had drank prior to the run and not wear my sweat pants I was wearing that day. So me and my family that next weekend took the advice that I was given and all the symptoms were gone. I enjoyed the run. So just to test the difference between Gatorade and NUUN, I tested it the next weekend. The following weekend I did the Gatorade system. Started out with the Prime followed by the regular Gatorade then after the run, I ended with Recover. I admit, other than my hands being slightly swollen, I felt good. At First. About 2 hours later it felt like I hit a brick wall. Hard. My blood sugar dropped, I got really tired, and I just had to go to bed.  Could it be that I had these effects from not having hardly any sugary items in 6 months, maybe, could it be because I drank that instead of water while I was running, maybe that too, but I really didn't like the swelling or the crash after. Really sorry but I have 3 children and I don't need to be drained when I need to be active and aware for them.

My kids LOVE NUUN! They think it so much fun to watch it bubble and bounce on the bottom of their bottles as it dissolves like seltzer tabs do. They love how the color of their water changes while the disolving occures. Even more though, they liek the taste. It isnt really sweet and I don't have to worry about them getting all hyped up. My kids though are a lot like me, if I have too much sugar, I crash hard. Shoot, My family use to poke fun of me cause when I would get a can coke-cola, I would be asleep before the hour was up. Same with like chocolate cake. With my kids though its liek someone turned on the Energizer bunny for 30 min then bamm they crash hard. I don't like that att all. Some parents might but I don't. They didn't get that with NUUN. They did however get all groggy and wanted to lounge around with the Gatorade. We ran on the same track, same distance, and the temp was actually just a little cooler than it was when we ran with the NUUN.

Compared to the 8 calories with NUUN, I was blown out of the water when I calculated that I had over 500 calories with the Gatorade. Huge different. All of this was from my person experience. In no way am I being payed for this review or do I expect to get paid for this review. 

In Closing, I would really recommend this product to anyone and everyone. I even used this at the Pretty Muddy I ran June 1st.  I plan to keep using this at every race I run this year. If you are looking to find a place you can purchase NUUN, I have found it at Academy and Dick's Sporting goods along with ordering it from their website at NUUN. If you click any of the colored NUUN words, It will take you directly to their website :) I really hope you enjoy this as much as I have :)


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