Pretty Muddy Recap! How Do You Like Your Pretty Muddy?

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Welcome to the Pretty Muddy

I was provided a free entry to the Pretty Muddy Woman's Mud Run and obstacle course in Dallas Texas on June 1, 2013. In exchange for my entry, I was to right a blog entry on my experience. All they wanted was an honest review. I was in no way asked to do a positive or a negative review. I was just told to experience it and tell you all what I felt about it. Well, here goes... I LOVED IT!

I remember being a little girl playing out in the mud and my mother yelling at me cause I would come in for dinner and be messy as all can get and tracked mud all onto the carpet! Those where the days of fun and adventure. What happened to all of that? The fun and the innocence of being able to play in the mud and get away with it? Well, unfortunately life happened and we all lost track of what made us who we are. Lost the innocent, the adventure, the happiness of feeling free with mud covering you from head to toe! Well, thanks to Pretty Muddy, That is the case no longer. Plus how many of you pay Hundreds of Dollars for an rejuvenating mud bath and facial? Well with  the pretty muddy, you got that for FREE when you purchased your race ticket :) So It is liek paying for a 5k obstacle race with an added exfoliating mud bath :)

The Pretty Muddy is an all women mud and obstacle 5k race that was held at Skyline Ranch in Dallas Texas. I got their a little early (well a lot early. More like 8 am when I was to run the 9.45 wave) and got a feel of the terrain and the crowd. I signed in at registration and looked around at all the awesome booths. There was 2 food venders, a drink vender and a few awesome booths which included Alex's Lemonade Stand and the Susan G. Komen Dallas County Breast Cancer awareness booth. Both of wich a portion of the proceeds went to help. (we made sure to buy 2 rounds of lemonade for the family to help out the awesome kids their. Then I took a peak at the booth's. Starting at the blackberry booth then worked my way around to the Body by Vi, then camp gladiator, then LOA Fitness and their booth of winnings. (which I first one a 1 month free membership but yet with them being so far from me I had to pass on it cause I wasn't going to be able to really drive the 200 miles to go to. Then after spinning it again I got a free Infared Sauna session.) Then after the lemonade from the lemonade stand, I started on my pictures :)
Vendors at Pretty Muddy

Okay, Att his point, I was so nervous about doing it after seeing some of these ladies coming back all muddy and panting but It looked so much fun that I just couldn't stop and turn back.See how much fun some of these women had?

Okay now for my race experience. At 9.45 I took off from the starting line and ran towards the first Obstacle. (the Dirty Martini) Then walked up the hill to the Original Mud Slide! This was one of many times I actually lost my shoe lol. I climbed up it and slid down with a few other ladies only to get my shoe falling off in the mud. It was fun:) I ended up walking the whole course due to me hurting my leg last Monday while running and their was another lady their as well walking it so we just walked together and talked.  The hardest one for me was the social network. I have a major fear of heights and I was not about to pass it up. I made it over with the encouragement of other racers who were doing it as well. The rest were cake walks compared to that lol. (I had trained for the rest but I didn't that one) I swore that I would try each obstical and not pass it up unless I had to. I did them all and ended it with a smile on my face with a since of accomplishment for not passing any up.
Some of the Obstacles

The funnest ones I did, I would have to say, were the Pretty Ballsy, Would You Rather, So Over it and Mud Bath and Beyond! Not only was it peaceful and awesome but it was also a great experience for a great cause. I got the pleasure of meeting up with one of the Susan G. Komen Dallas County Ambassadors. It was wonderful experience to hear her story and have the honor to race with her during the race. (Breast cancer hits really close to home seeing that I have had 4 family members die from it) She was such and inspiration and I really wish the rest of you would have the opportunity to meet a woman like her sometime. The Pretty Muddy also gave away 250 free entries for breast cancer survivors, which to me made me excited to do this race even more. Knowing they are doing this all for a great cause and helping women who have faught for their lives and survived. I can't express enough how excited and honored I was to do this race because of that. Besides, If you really look at it, you are getting muddy and having fun to help others survive. What is truthfully better than that?
Me and one of the Susan G. Koman Ambassadors

All in all, this race was fun and I really recommend everyone to try it out.  They were all fun and Not too challenging. If it weren't for my fear of heights, I could probably have been much faster on the net. It is great for all fitness levels. Doesn't matter id you are Big or Thin, Tall or Short, this race is fun to do. Besides, when is it normally okay to go out and play in the mud and not get into trouble for doing it? Not often :)
Some Muddy Madness

After a scenic 5K of walking, climbing, crawling, playing in the mud and lots of laughs, I would have to say I am really glad this was my first ever 5k. I would not change it for the world.

As you have read in previous posts, the Dallas Pretty Muddy was sponsored by Old Navy to promote their Active Wear. I was really excited when I found out and even more excited to receive a tote bag with a shirt and a pair of flip flops after I finished the race. So for the Price of the 5k ticket, All runners walked away with a Pretty muddy race shirt, an Old Navy Tee, Old Navy Flip Flops and a free drink. Those alone, without the race, is basically the price of the ticket so the race was basically free when you bought all the products ;)
And It's a Wrap!
If this looks like it is for you (we all know that is if you put your mind to it) Then head on over to Pretty Muddy and Sign up for a race nearest you. Who will you see at your Pretty Muddy? If you would like to see some more awesome pictures of the other obstacles, head on over to Running With Ollie and take a peak of her experience :) What did you like most about your Pretty Muddy?


Bethany Pelc said...

Looks like you had a blast! I was going to do this one but I am out of town when it is happening here. Maybe next year!

Anonymous said...

Looks fun! There's one coming up near our place. I'm thinking of signing up! :)

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