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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

As much of you know, I love trying out new products. Especially when they will help me lose weight! Well let me tell you this, I am IN LOVE! I know kinda funny to say that you love a product but when Inches started falling off I have to say this is the best workout item I have. Okay, when I got these pants, I was skeptical because it felt almost like a wetsuit. Once I slid these on over my workout pants, I could feel the difference. With me out running in a public place, I wanted to be able to slip them on and off and not have to worry about anything.

Well I slipped them on, grabbed my water bottle and me and the family went for a 30 min run. At first they were like so awesome. Then They started slipping. I guess due to them being over my pants. But every few min I was pulling them up cause they would end up around my knees. After the 30 min alarm went off, I slowly peeled them off. All I can say is that heaven lol. I have worn corsets before and I felt the same way as I slid these off as I do after wearing a corset for 5 hours in the heat. Your skin tingles as the air dances across your skin and it feels awesome! My pants where drenched. I had sweat sliding down my calf's they were working so well.

After taking them off, I took off running/ walking with the family to finish the 3 miles. While we were stretching out afterwards, another runner stopped and asked me about them. She said she noticed the logo and saw the sweat dripping down my calf's. SO I showed her the pants and she was like in aww. I even took a paper towel from the glove box and pressed the bottom of the pants with it and they were still wet after 30 min of sitting in the front seat to air out.
Hubs took a picture as I was taking them off. He says you can see on my face the omg look on my face lol

I have worn these pants 4x already (I have been ill for a few weeks and such so haven't been able to wear these more) but before I got sick, I had lost 2 inches from my hips, an inch from my thighs and 1 inch from my stomach. Again, this is only after 4x wearing this in the Texas heat while working out.  I am super happy and excited about these and I would have to say when it comes to apparel and such, this is one item I will have to put on the top of my list of must haves.

A little back ground on Zaggora.
Here is a little info gathered from their website at Zaggora!

How It Works

Our research shows that the use of a Zaggora top and bottom (“Zaggora Hotwear”) during exercise, at an appropriate level of intensity and while remaining well hydrated, may help to increase both body temperature generation and the rate of calorie burn.
During 2011 and 2012, Zaggora commissioned research on Hotwear from ETScience, based at the University of Southern California, USA ("ETS Study"), and from the Chelsea School of Sport, University of Brighton in the UK ("UB Study"). Altogether, more than 120 women took part in the studies.

During exercise

Both studies confirm the finding that exercising in Zaggora Hotwear can increase calorie burn.*
The UB Study tested 13 subjects in Zaggora HotPants and 13 in standard exercise clothing and found that exercising in HotPants can increase energy expenditure during exercise by an average of 11%.
The ETS Study first tested 30 subjects in Zaggora Hotwear and 30 subjects in standard exercise clothing and found that exercising in Zaggora Hotwear can lead to a statistically significant increase in energy expenditure as compared to standard exercise clothing: 6% on average and up to 18% depending on fitness level.
When testing a group of 10 subjects exercising at a constant speed, data revealed that subjects in Zaggora Hotwear burned 9.7% more calories than subjects in standard exercise clothing during 30 minutes of exercise.

After exercise

The UB Study found that if Zaggora HotPants are worn in resting recovery after 30 minutes of exercise, they can lead to a 12.5% increase in energy expenditure in the 30-60 minutes after exercise.
Heart rate and exercise intensity
During exercise
The ETS Study found that subjects exercising in Zaggora Hotwear had to exercise at a 3% lower speed and 23% lesser incline to achieve the same heart rate range as subjects exercising in standard exercise clothing.
Heat and safety
Both the UB Study and the ETS Study found that while an increase in heat generated by the body did occur while wearing Zaggora Hotwear, exercising in it is safe since core body temperature does not exceed acceptable exercise induced elevations.
Product Description
Key Targeting
Your hips, bum, thighs, knees and calves.
Key Product Features
• Thinner, lighter and more flexible than the originals
• Reinforced taped back rise seam
• Curved seams contour your figure along your natural curves and have a fantastic slimming effect.
Fit & Feel
• Curved flat-lock seams follow and flatter your body’s curves
• Light, flexible compression fit supports your body and creates a smooth silhouette
Here is a little video from the creator of Zaggora talking about her product.
 In no way was I asked to give a positive review on this product. I was told to tell them how my experiance was and wow... I love these things lol. The only thing I didn't like about these is even when not wearing them over my leggins, they do tend to roll so I have to wear a sweaty band around the top of it around my stomach to keep my stomach from popping out. I kinda figured I would have to because I have such a big stomach anyways so it isnt such a big deal. If you don't have a stomach that is liek 4-6 inches bigger than your hips, you won't have much of an issue. If you order a size bigger than what you would normally, if you are like me, then you shouldn't have an issue.

A big Con on these pants though are their price. For a pair of Zaggora Hotpants 2.0 Capris, it is going to cost your pocket book nearly $100. They are worth it but are something you may wanna save up for. I am very glad to have been able to try these pants. They not only have pants, they also have shorts, Tanks and Blazers with the same technology as the pants have. The thing I am saving up for is a Hooded Blazer and a Hot Top Pink so I can wear the whole system while losing weight and getting fit! What product would you most like to have? Visit their website here and comment on what you would really like to have if you had a chance to get them.

Disclaimer- I received no payment and don't expect to receive any payments for reviewing this product. All experiences where from my personal experience and mine alone.


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