1 Week Left To Go! I Want Some COLOR!!!!!!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Okay guys, Now that I have one 5k under my belt I am not as nervous but I still am just a little. As you have read before, I will be running in the Color Up Temple, which is apart of the Race Texas Series. The series also includes races like the following:

7-14-13   TRI Aggieland Sprint Triathlon
10-12-13  Muddy Zombie
12-23-13  Santa's Wonderland Christmas Mile & 5K

The race I will running is June 29th in Temple Texas. I will be joined by a few of my awesome friends and their friends. This will be one RAD time. This will be my first race like this but I have heard that it is one that you have to spend a lot of time walking due to the fact that at the color stations, people are trying to get as much paint on them as absolutely possible so if you run most of it, you will be stopping a lot to be able to get even a little bit of paint on you and to get through the station. Which is fine by me cause I am still a slow runner.  I will be with the Maniacs and from what I have heard, they get their name for a reason so Yes it will be such a blast. Besides, when is it ever okay to get covered in paint and not worry about what people will think cause everyone around you is doing the same? Besides With all the colors that will be thrown, you can end up looking like you are a pink panther, blue from Blue's Clues, or even the Jolly Green Giant. Depending on what you like best. Or why settle with trying to get the most of just one color when you can make one awesome looking custom tie dye? The more you have fun, the better off you will end up looking. 

The paint used is safe so you don't have to worry about it getting in your nose and such - if it does, you will just end up with rainbow colored snot for a few blows lol. The paint is Colored powdered corn starch that is approved by the FDA so it is even better. So while running, you won't have to worry about your clothes being weighted down or making you feel all sticky and such. The goal of these kind of runs are to just have fun. Dress up, act crazy, be a kid. No one will care cause they will be doing the same. I have heard of people even doing the race in their wedding dresses and such. So have at it. It is your time to have fun and be crazy. Don't forget to dress all crazy. Where tutu's or veils, or even crazy socks. Or if you don't wanna go all out, go to someplace like Hobby Lobby and get you a white bandana and put it over your nose and mouth and get it all color-fied too. 

Does this sound like something you may enjoy doing? the pricing is $50 till June 29th and then $55 on race day :) Make sure you carpool because parking is $5.
Does this sound like something you will like to do? Come on Ladies and Gents, trust me you will love it!  If this is something you really wanna do, head on over to Color Up TEMPLE and register today!

Zoggora! Putting the A in Awesome!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

As much of you know, I love trying out new products. Especially when they will help me lose weight! Well let me tell you this, I am IN LOVE! I know kinda funny to say that you love a product but when Inches started falling off I have to say this is the best workout item I have. Okay, when I got these pants, I was skeptical because it felt almost like a wetsuit. Once I slid these on over my workout pants, I could feel the difference. With me out running in a public place, I wanted to be able to slip them on and off and not have to worry about anything.

Well I slipped them on, grabbed my water bottle and me and the family went for a 30 min run. At first they were like so awesome. Then They started slipping. I guess due to them being over my pants. But every few min I was pulling them up cause they would end up around my knees. After the 30 min alarm went off, I slowly peeled them off. All I can say is that heaven lol. I have worn corsets before and I felt the same way as I slid these off as I do after wearing a corset for 5 hours in the heat. Your skin tingles as the air dances across your skin and it feels awesome! My pants where drenched. I had sweat sliding down my calf's they were working so well.

After taking them off, I took off running/ walking with the family to finish the 3 miles. While we were stretching out afterwards, another runner stopped and asked me about them. She said she noticed the logo and saw the sweat dripping down my calf's. SO I showed her the pants and she was like in aww. I even took a paper towel from the glove box and pressed the bottom of the pants with it and they were still wet after 30 min of sitting in the front seat to air out.
Hubs took a picture as I was taking them off. He says you can see on my face the omg look on my face lol

I have worn these pants 4x already (I have been ill for a few weeks and such so haven't been able to wear these more) but before I got sick, I had lost 2 inches from my hips, an inch from my thighs and 1 inch from my stomach. Again, this is only after 4x wearing this in the Texas heat while working out.  I am super happy and excited about these and I would have to say when it comes to apparel and such, this is one item I will have to put on the top of my list of must haves.

A little back ground on Zaggora.
Here is a little info gathered from their website at Zaggora!

How It Works

Our research shows that the use of a Zaggora top and bottom (“Zaggora Hotwear”) during exercise, at an appropriate level of intensity and while remaining well hydrated, may help to increase both body temperature generation and the rate of calorie burn.
During 2011 and 2012, Zaggora commissioned research on Hotwear from ETScience, based at the University of Southern California, USA ("ETS Study"), and from the Chelsea School of Sport, University of Brighton in the UK ("UB Study"). Altogether, more than 120 women took part in the studies.

During exercise

Both studies confirm the finding that exercising in Zaggora Hotwear can increase calorie burn.*
The UB Study tested 13 subjects in Zaggora HotPants and 13 in standard exercise clothing and found that exercising in HotPants can increase energy expenditure during exercise by an average of 11%.
The ETS Study first tested 30 subjects in Zaggora Hotwear and 30 subjects in standard exercise clothing and found that exercising in Zaggora Hotwear can lead to a statistically significant increase in energy expenditure as compared to standard exercise clothing: 6% on average and up to 18% depending on fitness level.
When testing a group of 10 subjects exercising at a constant speed, data revealed that subjects in Zaggora Hotwear burned 9.7% more calories than subjects in standard exercise clothing during 30 minutes of exercise.

After exercise

The UB Study found that if Zaggora HotPants are worn in resting recovery after 30 minutes of exercise, they can lead to a 12.5% increase in energy expenditure in the 30-60 minutes after exercise.
Heart rate and exercise intensity
During exercise
The ETS Study found that subjects exercising in Zaggora Hotwear had to exercise at a 3% lower speed and 23% lesser incline to achieve the same heart rate range as subjects exercising in standard exercise clothing.
Heat and safety
Both the UB Study and the ETS Study found that while an increase in heat generated by the body did occur while wearing Zaggora Hotwear, exercising in it is safe since core body temperature does not exceed acceptable exercise induced elevations.
Product Description
Key Targeting
Your hips, bum, thighs, knees and calves.
Key Product Features
• Thinner, lighter and more flexible than the originals
• Reinforced taped back rise seam
• Curved seams contour your figure along your natural curves and have a fantastic slimming effect.
Fit & Feel
• Curved flat-lock seams follow and flatter your body’s curves
• Light, flexible compression fit supports your body and creates a smooth silhouette
Here is a little video from the creator of Zaggora talking about her product.
 In no way was I asked to give a positive review on this product. I was told to tell them how my experiance was and wow... I love these things lol. The only thing I didn't like about these is even when not wearing them over my leggins, they do tend to roll so I have to wear a sweaty band around the top of it around my stomach to keep my stomach from popping out. I kinda figured I would have to because I have such a big stomach anyways so it isnt such a big deal. If you don't have a stomach that is liek 4-6 inches bigger than your hips, you won't have much of an issue. If you order a size bigger than what you would normally, if you are like me, then you shouldn't have an issue.

A big Con on these pants though are their price. For a pair of Zaggora Hotpants 2.0 Capris, it is going to cost your pocket book nearly $100. They are worth it but are something you may wanna save up for. I am very glad to have been able to try these pants. They not only have pants, they also have shorts, Tanks and Blazers with the same technology as the pants have. The thing I am saving up for is a Hooded Blazer and a Hot Top Pink so I can wear the whole system while losing weight and getting fit! What product would you most like to have? Visit their website here and comment on what you would really like to have if you had a chance to get them.

Disclaimer- I received no payment and don't expect to receive any payments for reviewing this product. All experiences where from my personal experience and mine alone.

Nuun Review

Recently I had the honor of reviewing NUUN. For those of you guys who don't know what NUUN is, sugarless, dissolvable, and portable tablet that you add to your bottle of water for anywhere hydration. It is perfect for cyclist, runners, health oriented people or any other athlete that doesn't have room or the ability to carry a heavy load of hydration items or knows their body deserves more than what all the other sugary, non healthy drinks that are on the market today that claim to promote Hydration. They are based out of Seattle, WA. and are available in over 30 countries.
Well as most of you who read my blog regularly, you know I have cut all sugar out of my diet and The problem I face is that I am allergic to most artificial sweeteners. That's what I love about NUUN All Day. It doesn't have sugar in it yet it does have a sweetener I can use. Stivia. An added bonus to these tablets are, they are only 8 calories! Oh yes that is such a great added bonus compared to the 100+ calories and 20+ grams of sugar in Gatorade. From trying both of them, NUUN and Gatorade, I found I had less of a crash afterwards. I retained more water, blood sugar spike, and the groggy crash at the end after drinking the Gatorade. While with NUUN, I didn't have any of those side effects. I was terrified I would end up looking like a balloon afterwards and I didn't which is wonderful.

When I first tested this out in the summer sun, I went for a 3 miles run with my family in the 90 degree heat. Afterwards, it really hurt to move my hands cause they were swollen. I was like crap I can't use this. So I saw my doctor and asked a few runners I know and come to find out, With all I was wearing and working out with, I was majorly dehydrated. I was recommended to not drink the workout fuel I had drank prior to the run and not wear my sweat pants I was wearing that day. So me and my family that next weekend took the advice that I was given and all the symptoms were gone. I enjoyed the run. So just to test the difference between Gatorade and NUUN, I tested it the next weekend. The following weekend I did the Gatorade system. Started out with the Prime followed by the regular Gatorade then after the run, I ended with Recover. I admit, other than my hands being slightly swollen, I felt good. At First. About 2 hours later it felt like I hit a brick wall. Hard. My blood sugar dropped, I got really tired, and I just had to go to bed.  Could it be that I had these effects from not having hardly any sugary items in 6 months, maybe, could it be because I drank that instead of water while I was running, maybe that too, but I really didn't like the swelling or the crash after. Really sorry but I have 3 children and I don't need to be drained when I need to be active and aware for them.

My kids LOVE NUUN! They think it so much fun to watch it bubble and bounce on the bottom of their bottles as it dissolves like seltzer tabs do. They love how the color of their water changes while the disolving occures. Even more though, they liek the taste. It isnt really sweet and I don't have to worry about them getting all hyped up. My kids though are a lot like me, if I have too much sugar, I crash hard. Shoot, My family use to poke fun of me cause when I would get a can coke-cola, I would be asleep before the hour was up. Same with like chocolate cake. With my kids though its liek someone turned on the Energizer bunny for 30 min then bamm they crash hard. I don't like that att all. Some parents might but I don't. They didn't get that with NUUN. They did however get all groggy and wanted to lounge around with the Gatorade. We ran on the same track, same distance, and the temp was actually just a little cooler than it was when we ran with the NUUN.

Compared to the 8 calories with NUUN, I was blown out of the water when I calculated that I had over 500 calories with the Gatorade. Huge different. All of this was from my person experience. In no way am I being payed for this review or do I expect to get paid for this review. 

In Closing, I would really recommend this product to anyone and everyone. I even used this at the Pretty Muddy I ran June 1st.  I plan to keep using this at every race I run this year. If you are looking to find a place you can purchase NUUN, I have found it at Academy and Dick's Sporting goods along with ordering it from their website at NUUN. If you click any of the colored NUUN words, It will take you directly to their website :) I really hope you enjoy this as much as I have :)

Ladies Workout Express

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Welcome to the Blissful Experience of Aphalicious Bliss in Ladies Workout Express! For the next few months, I will be posting Pictures, Specials, and My experiences with one of the many awesome women's only gyms (sorry guys, this one is for the girls). Not only will you get the scoop of what goes on but you will also read about all the pro's and con's about being a member to help you decide if this gym is right for you.
First off, Let me get started by suggesting that you click the link above and see if their is one near you and encouraging you to try it out with one of their awesome online specials. Try it out for 3 workouts to see how you like it before you even decide to join. All you have to do is go on the website and put in your zip code. Find the one nearest you and then print out your 3 day pass. How cool is that? It is not every day that you get to try a gym out before you join it. If you do, Their is always some catch about limitations and hidden fees. Not with this one!! Their is even a kiddy room for you to have your little ones play in while you are sweating out the stress. ( I am a mom so I know all about how stressful being a parent is. I also know how great and stress free it feels after a workout. This would be perfect way to get a little bit of mommy time away from the kids and get yourself in good health in the process.
 Some of what this ladies gym offers is:
Free Weights
Fitness Evaluation
Corporate/Senior/Student Rates
Infared Body Wrap System
Cardio Equipment
Personal Training
Just to name a few.

If you keep your eyes to the left side of my blog, you will notice I have placed a Page called Ladies Workout Express. That is where you will be able to find all posts and pictures that are partaking Ladies Workout Express :) Keep posted for my first workout recap:) I bet you won't be disappointed :) I have been ill and haven't had a chance yet to work out out a full set but I am looking forward to it very much. It is really hard to do much when you got 3 kids at home full time and on foot so as soon as my hubs decides it is a good time for him to take me, I will be posting pics, interviews and possibly even videos ;) Be on the look out for some awesome posts happening today! Don't forget to eat well, sleep well and sweat pink.

So sorry guys :(

I have been sick for the past few weeks. It hit me sudden and hard and really knocked me down. Today I was actually able to get up and out of bed to an awesome workout! So with that being said, I will be having a lot of make up posts on the way for you all to enjoy :) Look forward to some awesome apparel posts, food/drink, hair care and even some gym experiences :) Trust me, you guys really want to tune in to this :) So keep your eyes open and ready for some awesomeness.

Pretty Muddy Recap! How Do You Like Your Pretty Muddy?

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Welcome to the Pretty Muddy

I was provided a free entry to the Pretty Muddy Woman's Mud Run and obstacle course in Dallas Texas on June 1, 2013. In exchange for my entry, I was to right a blog entry on my experience. All they wanted was an honest review. I was in no way asked to do a positive or a negative review. I was just told to experience it and tell you all what I felt about it. Well, here goes... I LOVED IT!

I remember being a little girl playing out in the mud and my mother yelling at me cause I would come in for dinner and be messy as all can get and tracked mud all onto the carpet! Those where the days of fun and adventure. What happened to all of that? The fun and the innocence of being able to play in the mud and get away with it? Well, unfortunately life happened and we all lost track of what made us who we are. Lost the innocent, the adventure, the happiness of feeling free with mud covering you from head to toe! Well, thanks to Pretty Muddy, That is the case no longer. Plus how many of you pay Hundreds of Dollars for an rejuvenating mud bath and facial? Well with  the pretty muddy, you got that for FREE when you purchased your race ticket :) So It is liek paying for a 5k obstacle race with an added exfoliating mud bath :)

The Pretty Muddy is an all women mud and obstacle 5k race that was held at Skyline Ranch in Dallas Texas. I got their a little early (well a lot early. More like 8 am when I was to run the 9.45 wave) and got a feel of the terrain and the crowd. I signed in at registration and looked around at all the awesome booths. There was 2 food venders, a drink vender and a few awesome booths which included Alex's Lemonade Stand and the Susan G. Komen Dallas County Breast Cancer awareness booth. Both of wich a portion of the proceeds went to help. (we made sure to buy 2 rounds of lemonade for the family to help out the awesome kids their. Then I took a peak at the booth's. Starting at the blackberry booth then worked my way around to the Body by Vi, then camp gladiator, then LOA Fitness and their booth of winnings. (which I first one a 1 month free membership but yet with them being so far from me I had to pass on it cause I wasn't going to be able to really drive the 200 miles to go to. Then after spinning it again I got a free Infared Sauna session.) Then after the lemonade from the lemonade stand, I started on my pictures :)
Vendors at Pretty Muddy

Okay, Att his point, I was so nervous about doing it after seeing some of these ladies coming back all muddy and panting but It looked so much fun that I just couldn't stop and turn back.See how much fun some of these women had?

Okay now for my race experience. At 9.45 I took off from the starting line and ran towards the first Obstacle. (the Dirty Martini) Then walked up the hill to the Original Mud Slide! This was one of many times I actually lost my shoe lol. I climbed up it and slid down with a few other ladies only to get my shoe falling off in the mud. It was fun:) I ended up walking the whole course due to me hurting my leg last Monday while running and their was another lady their as well walking it so we just walked together and talked.  The hardest one for me was the social network. I have a major fear of heights and I was not about to pass it up. I made it over with the encouragement of other racers who were doing it as well. The rest were cake walks compared to that lol. (I had trained for the rest but I didn't that one) I swore that I would try each obstical and not pass it up unless I had to. I did them all and ended it with a smile on my face with a since of accomplishment for not passing any up.
Some of the Obstacles

The funnest ones I did, I would have to say, were the Pretty Ballsy, Would You Rather, So Over it and Mud Bath and Beyond! Not only was it peaceful and awesome but it was also a great experience for a great cause. I got the pleasure of meeting up with one of the Susan G. Komen Dallas County Ambassadors. It was wonderful experience to hear her story and have the honor to race with her during the race. (Breast cancer hits really close to home seeing that I have had 4 family members die from it) She was such and inspiration and I really wish the rest of you would have the opportunity to meet a woman like her sometime. The Pretty Muddy also gave away 250 free entries for breast cancer survivors, which to me made me excited to do this race even more. Knowing they are doing this all for a great cause and helping women who have faught for their lives and survived. I can't express enough how excited and honored I was to do this race because of that. Besides, If you really look at it, you are getting muddy and having fun to help others survive. What is truthfully better than that?
Me and one of the Susan G. Koman Ambassadors

All in all, this race was fun and I really recommend everyone to try it out.  They were all fun and Not too challenging. If it weren't for my fear of heights, I could probably have been much faster on the net. It is great for all fitness levels. Doesn't matter id you are Big or Thin, Tall or Short, this race is fun to do. Besides, when is it normally okay to go out and play in the mud and not get into trouble for doing it? Not often :)
Some Muddy Madness

After a scenic 5K of walking, climbing, crawling, playing in the mud and lots of laughs, I would have to say I am really glad this was my first ever 5k. I would not change it for the world.

As you have read in previous posts, the Dallas Pretty Muddy was sponsored by Old Navy to promote their Active Wear. I was really excited when I found out and even more excited to receive a tote bag with a shirt and a pair of flip flops after I finished the race. So for the Price of the 5k ticket, All runners walked away with a Pretty muddy race shirt, an Old Navy Tee, Old Navy Flip Flops and a free drink. Those alone, without the race, is basically the price of the ticket so the race was basically free when you bought all the products ;)
And It's a Wrap!
If this looks like it is for you (we all know that is if you put your mind to it) Then head on over to Pretty Muddy and Sign up for a race nearest you. Who will you see at your Pretty Muddy? If you would like to see some more awesome pictures of the other obstacles, head on over to Running With Ollie and take a peak of her experience :) What did you like most about your Pretty Muddy?

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