Day 2 of the New Meal Plan To A New Me!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Last night I didn't get to bed till 1 am. I am sooo feeling that this morning. I had such a hard time opening my eyes. I mean I was actually struggling to open my eyes. It felt as if my eyelids were pinned shut. Tonight, I know not to stay up so late. Well today has been good. Not as good as yesterday and I was told it is cause the 3rd day is the hardest on this meal plan cause now your body is going to start wanting what you are keeping it from having. I am ready for it :) I have been doing a lot of wall push ups and squats and I think tonight I am going to toss in a Portable Pilate's Gym Core workout tonight. I haven't been able to run today but I know I need to get on top of that. My day has been a little more stressed than normal because I have been worrying about my son. SO I bet my body is in fat storing mode. Looks like I need to get my tush in gear and work out, to teach my body that I will NOT let stress hold me back :)

Okay today consisted of the following.

8:00 am - Woke up
8:05 am - Downed 16 oz of water (I was surprised with a "mommy wake up, here is eggs and bacon")
9:30 am - 16 oz green tea
10:00 am -  24 oz of ice water
10:30 am - Spring mix topped with 4 oz of left over beef roast
11:00 am - 8 oz of ice water (son accidentally poured the rest out)
12:25 pm - 4 tsp of Avocado Hummus and 4 stalks of celery
12:30 pm - 16 oz glass of tea
2:00 pm - 5 baby carrots and 24 oz of cucumber water
3:30 pm -  4 crowns of broccoli and a 24 oz cucumber water
4:45 pm - 16 oz glass of ice water
5:45 pm - 1 tsp of almond butter with 1 stalk of celery
7:45 pm - 16 oz glass of green tea
8:00 pm - 6 oz baked Sweet Potato and a turkey breast. Both baked in oven

So far so Good I recon on this new meal plan. I bet I can tweak it just a bit more to make it better though. If any of you have any suggestions you would like to see me try to see if it works, let me know. I am up for new challenges and ideas :) Bellow I have gotten the pleasure of working with a few awesome ladies to bring you banners daily full of awesome and yummy foods that are healthy for you. all of which are hidden in the DAY 2 pic and the rest are below so you can see them better. Here is where I challenge you ALL. I will post the locations of every single place I found the pictures at. The fun part is for you to go find out which picture is from which :) I hope you like it. Sleep tight all and don't forget to sweat Pink!


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