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Monday, May 6, 2013

At first, I was really scared to try this cause the last time I got coconut water, I honestly hated it. The chunks (pulp) was slimy and it tasted awe full. It was a different brand I got at my local grocer and it was bitter and just not my cup of tea. Then I had the opportunity to try the Zola Coconut water and Açaí Berry Juice.

First off, let's discuss what each of the products are. First the Açaí, pronounced as ah-sigh-ee, is a little purple berry that looks a lot like a blueberry but has a larger seed inside. It is sweet and like they say on the Zola website, Açaí tastes like luscious wild berries kissed with chocolate. Açaí is LOADED with antioxidants and are found in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. This was the one I favored the most of the 2. It was sweet and yummy. I felt really refreshed after.

Next was the time I was dreading. The coconut water.

Before I talk about that, let me give you a little info on Coconut water (pronounced Co-Co-Nut). It is much different then you are thinking. When you think of Coconuts, you are probably thinking of those hard grassy looking orbs you find at the grocery store. The ones used by Zola are actually young green Coconuts and are found  in Thailand, Brazil, Indonesia, the Philippines and other warm, tropical, destinations.

Young green Coconuts have a green outer husk with a large white nut inside. This nut contains clear refreshing “Coconut Water” as well as white meat that lines the inside of the nut. Young green Coconuts grow in the tops of palm trees

These are very healthy and have sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium naturally in them. Which is awesome for Hydration. Better than any Gatorade or Power-aid you can drink that have nasty preservatives and other harmful things inside them.  If you can't pronounce the ingredients, then you may not want to consume it. The great thing about both of these is you can read everything in them. So awesome!

I have to admit, with the last experience I had with coconut water, I was really not looking forward to the taste. After opening it up and standing next to my kitchen sink, ready to spit it out if it tasted the same, I took a drink. Let me tell you, It tasted better than the last brand I had lol. I still didn't absolutely LOVE it but it wasn't bad. The hardest part for me was the chunks. Just like with Chia juice, I had a bit of a texture issue with the idea of chunky stuff in my drink (pulp). I myself use the reusable ice trays 99% of the time just cause of the issue of having chunks in my drinks. With smoothies I have no problem, but with everything else, I seem to have issues with. More of a texture kind of thing. The other one they sent me didn't have the chunks in it and I liked it. After talking to a few people, it is not for everyone. If you have a texture issue kinda thing, don't get the ones with pulp. Even though I knew they were in their, that was still the hardest part for me to get past. It isn't sweet like you would think. When you think of coconut, you think of the little white slithers you find in the store you top desserts with. This is NOT that. It has a subtle taste to it and to some, they say it can taste quite bitter.  To me it isn't bad. I actually love using it in recipe's. Especially in smoothies and to soak my chicken strips in before I grill them on the stove.  So even though the Coconut water isn't my favorite, It still is good and the added goodness it adds to the food and smoothies is an added bonus :)

An Awesome Idea you can use Zola Coconut Water to cook with:

Poor 8-20 oz of coconut water into a bowl then add 1-4 chicken breasts into the bowl and let them soak for 5-20 minutes. While they are soaking, add some almond flour to a different bowl. Then one at a time, remove the chicken from the bowl and let it drip off the excess. Then add it to the bowl with the almond flour. Coat the chicken completely then put in a pan that has been preheated on medium with 1 Tbs of natural organic butter. Cook for 5-10 minutes or until the center is white. Top with some sauteed mushrooms and onions or place over some Spaghetti Squash and home made tomato sauce.

You can purchase your very own Coconut water and Açaí Berry juice here!
If you would also like, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and You can buy in a store nearest you!


Laeli said...

I have yet to find a coconut water I like. And I like coconuts..so..I have no clue what's wrong! I hate how sweet they all are.

Aph Mordly said...

The coconut waters I have found, to me, aren't really sweet. Most to me are kinda bitter. Have you tried Zola yet? They use the green coconuts instead of the fully mature ones, so it isn't as sweet.

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