NUUN Review!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

This past week, I have not really been feeling well. All of us have been sick and just passing it around. So Dehydration had been wreaking havok. Well, I was hoping to be well when I tried these and reviewed, but it seems that my body had other plans.

Well, I recently received 2 tubes of NUUN and I was supper excited. Well then we all started getting ill and dehydration became a threat. Well, after downing 3 bottles of water and it still wasn't helping, I decided to try the NUUN to see if it would help. Let me tell you, it works in the hydration department! I know this stuff wasn't made for it but hey It helped us out a lot! When I first opened the tube, I could definitely smell the vitamins. (Warning, don't stick your nose close to the cube and inhale quickly. It does burn when you get the little particles in your nose quickly) *Learned this from experience*

My son particularly loved seeing it when I dropped it into the glass and it started to bubble and dance across the bottom. Which was good cause I felt horrible enough having my 3 yr old laugh at me for doing what I knew better not to do. I mean I wanted to smell it but with my nose stuffy, I stuck my nose almost into the tube to try to smell. lol.

Well that is enough about my major blonde moment their lol. The tab kinda reminded me of an alka seltzer the way it bubbles. When the tab was finished dissolving, you could smell the fruit in it. The taste was a little bit different. I thought it would be bitter with all the citrus but it wasn't. I even thought it would be super sweet like the Gatorade powder and it wasn't. It flavored the water just enough to give it a tangy fruity taste.  All in all, it did what the website said it would do. Plus some.

I do recommend this product to every one out their that works out and/ or runs and needs that extra Hydration. If it can help me while being ill, better than Gatorade ever could, then it definitely could help anyone else who needs it!


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