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Sunday, February 3, 2013

I saw this in another blog a few weeks back so I figured I could try to do a fitness tip each week. As you all have read, I have been working out daily for about 3 weeks now. With exceptions of the 2 rest days I have had that have been extremely hard for me to do. After my super workouts these past 3 days, I have noticed something that I was like in shock to finally realize. If you work out before you are really awake, your body won't register it is tired till you have been at it for a bit.

This morning I got up and got dressed, Threw on some clothes and while still groggy, I took off on a run. I ran 2 whole blocks without having to stop. Much farther than what I could do before. The reason I had to stop wasn't cause I was tired of running, it was cause my lunges were on fire due to the cold. So i walked 2 more blocks then ran the home stretch back home which was 1/2 block.

All in I ran .5 miles this morning. I was super happy. I mean I could never have done that before and now I can. To add to it, I sucked it in and finally got the waist cincher on my waist and so I was running with that on. Had some good tunes playing and if it wasn't for my lungs being so on fire, I so would have gone a lot further. But this afternoon I am going back and running more :)

For an after run breakfast, I treated myself to a nice hot bowl of oatmeal. Yummy!!!!  Then added 4 frozen blueberries to it! MmmMmmmMMmmm! Now I am full of energy and ready for another full out work out!

The sad news!
Someone has been making international calls from my phone between 3-4 am every morning for 2 weeks now. NOW, I have a $500 phone bill I have to pay. They said if it wasn't paid by Monday, they are turning my net off. So I may be a little sporadic on my post till the 16th :( I will totally get caught up and will be able to go to a friends house and use her net to get online and keep you posted. I won't be able to get on much other but I could at least give updates on here and FB and Twitter. I am sorry guys, we are trying to prove it isn't us and like we told the Company, we opted out of even having access to make international calls so how come we are being charged for them when we are suppose to not even be able to make them let alone make multiple ones! I swear I have been trying to stay away from stress and this makes that much harder not to stress about!


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