Week 4 Update!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Okay, I know I shouldn't have wore green in this picture cause it makes me look much bigger and you can see lots more fat but these pictures are not to show how good I look. They are to show how bad I look. Then the pictures will get better as I get healthier.

These past 4 weeks have been really hard for me but I will get better. When you start a Weight Loss journey you aren't expected to know everything. It is a learn as you go. Everyone's body is totally different. What works for one, may not work for another. My biggest issue is drinking enough water and then with all that has gone on these past few weeks, the 100% healthy aspect of it. I have found myself eating breads and starches when I know I don't need to.  So I know I still have to work on it but I am trying. Well, I think I have made you guys wait long enough. Here is week 4 weight loss.

If you look in the about me, you will see what I looked like at the beginning of these journey and you can tell the difference. ( lbs down and over 20 inches total from my body! I am very very proud of myself :) 4 weeks of hard work paying off. Now to get the stress factor gone and the busy distractions and I will be set :) 

Fitness Advice!
No matter how much you lose or how much you work out, as long as you are getting off the couch and working on it, you are doing wonderful! If you are in a rut or have plateaued then switch up your exercise and really look at what you are putting in your body. The biggest advice I could give anyone is to write down everything that passes your lips. Then at the end of the week, look over what you are eating and then you can fix what the problem is!

Finally, remember you are not alone in this journey. If you think you are, just come to me or any other fitness blogger who is trying to lose weight and we will be their with you. To help give pointers on what seemed to work for us and to help spread the things we have learned from our mentors! Good luck everyone and Congrats for making the  life changing choice to better your life and health. If you feel like you are slipping, reach up and we will all be here to catch you and pull you back up. We will help you on the path to a healthier you :) (we as in the fitness community)


Joanna Broadbent said...

Doing great girly!!!!! Progress pictures are AWESOME!!!! I had the hardest time drinking water too. I use to LOVE soda lol. I bought a plastic cup with a straw. it is a 24 oz cup. I fill it with Ice cold water. I find that I drink more when it is through a straw. It is easier for me anyway. Keep it up, you are doing fabulous. And don't be afraid of carbs. Carbs give you energy!

Laura Ryder said...

YA!!! You're doing so great! I agree...I always write down what I have eaten and keep track of those calories. I love to pick lower calorie foods because then that means I get to eat more which really tricks me into feeling fuller. :)

Laura @MiceInTheKitchen

Aph Mordly said...

Thank you so much for your encouraging words. It helps keep me motivated and gets me happy to motivate others :) Thank you guys so very much for experiencing this with me!

meandmr.com said...

Newest follower here! I found you through the blog hop. Cut blog, I can't wait to read more. You can find me at meandmr.com

-Melanie @meandmr.com

Natosha Zachary said...

Hi. I'm trying to lose weight and get healthy too. Whew, it is SO hard. I feel ya girl. I'm your newest follower.

Have a great weekend! Natosha

Aph Mordly said...

Natosha, I know how it is. as you can see it is no easy thing. I do have to say though with all my hard work I have gone from size 26 being too tight to me putting on a 22 and me being able to slide them off without buttoning :)
It is awesome when you put your mind to it and if you need some help, let me know @ aphalicious@gmail.com and I will help you in any way i possibly can :)

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