Going Viral! and a CHALLENGE!!!!

Friday, February 1, 2013

That is right, not only do I now have the blog, But I have a Facebook and a Twitter! My new Twitter is https://twitter.com/AphyBliss !! Yep, Now not only will I be blogging but I will be keeping everyone in track with both Twitter and Facebook!  I am excited to get this all set up so now no matter where I go, I will be held accountable for my weight loss journey!

So for my Daily configuring. Not what I was hopping for but shoot, I got to keep myself accountable. So here I go :)


                                  Food Intake

I know my sodium was way too high and my over all percentage was out of balance but I am trying :)
I know I need to play with it just a little to get it perfect so that is what I am going to work on. Tell me what you think!


For every follow I get on my blog till March First, I will do 10 reps of a workout. Either sit ups, or jumping jacks, or even squats. Depending on what day it is which I will do a crunch, squat, jumping jack, ect. So like if I get 20 followers, I will do 20 reps. In addition, I will do Bonus days that I will double the work-out and do 40 instead of 20. :) What do you guys say? Who's in it to make me work for my Weight Loss?

(added bonus, on select days, you may even get video proof of my workout to show you guys I am doing what I Promised to do with a secret word stated during that day that you guys post for me to state so you know I am doing them when I say I am and not before :) )


Laura Ryder said...

That's great to have all those was to stay accountable! :)


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