Week 5 Weight Loss Update!

Monday, February 25, 2013

I admit, I have been a bit impatiant with the weight loss journey I am on. I have beaten myself up so many times cause I felt that I should have been smaller than I am by now. I mean come on, 20 inches from my whole body and only 2-3 from my stomach where I need it gone the most! I can't help but to get discouraged about it not going fast enough. Here the Dr. wants me under 55 lbs lighter by June- July and expects me to just shred this off on my own! I mean, she knows I can't afford a gym or any expensive exercise machine. So I have been pushing myself much harder than I ever thought I could. It has made me thinking. If I can lose 20 inches from my body and now be able to put on a size 22 jeans and be able to pull them off with little effort, when I was having trouble putting on a 26 when I started. I must be doing at least something right!

This week, I didn't lose any inches at all. Partly cause mother nature decided she was going to be a pain this week and made me look like I was part blow fish all week. So I know next week will be accounting for both this week and next. I did however gained 2 inches in my arms. It doesn't jiggle like it use to so maybe it has been replaced with muscle. I sure do hope so.  With this basically the start of the new month, here is to losing over 20 more inches and heading for that size 18 goal by April!

So with that being said, I decided that the harder the better, I am going to throw in more cardio workouts daily and I am going to go on a panty plurge. Meaning, a pantry make over. If it isn't good for me, it is getting packed up! If it is processed, it is going to find a new home! As long as it isn't in my kitchen where I can see it or in my fridge where the temptation is their, then I will be good!

Also after doing a bit of research, I found out if you replace your white light bulb in your fridge to a blue bulb, you will actually eat less! Shocker I know isn't it?  It is a proven fact that the blue light makes your food less appealing to you and so you won't eat it. Also, I am gonna leave the little boredom eating monster a few little notes taped up in my fridge. That will remind me to really think if I am actually hungry or am I just bored. I am even looking for a little rubber monster to stick in my fridge to remind me of him so I will stop and think before I act!

Another tip I have learned is, if you feel like you are hungry, drink a glass of water FIRST! It may be that your thirsty but your body doesn't know any other way to tell you other than to make you feel hungry! Their is something for you to think about this week. I can almost guarantee you that you are not hungry most of the time you are going to the fridge. You are either THIRSTY or BORED!

Now without further hesitation, here is week 5's progress report!

Soon I hope to have that bicycle in the background fixed so I can workout on that. The tires are bag, the chain is so rusted it will not even move, the breaks are shot, and you can see the handle bars, ect. So lots of work. Wish me luck on getting that fixed and or a new bicycle :) XOXO


Laura Ryder said...

I think I need to put blue lights everywhere then!! :)

I think you are doing great..don't get discouraged!!


momto8blog said...

good for you! I got rid of all my little secret stashes that I are quick go toe..now I reach for the healthy stuff instead..
good luck!!!
I am your newest follower...pls follow back if you can.

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