The New and Impoved Weekly Work Out Plan!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Okay after doing the sporadic workouts these past few weeks, I decided that I will add a little more structure to my workouts! So I have come up with a set exercise program that focuses mainly on 1 main set of targeted body areas. What does this mean you ask? It means like for one day I will focus on like core, or bum or legs. Yep that’s right! So adding to the running and such I do daily, I will toss in a targeted area workout to go with it! So I have planned carefully and decided that...... Here is my new schedule.

Monday: Rock Bottom Body!

Tuesday: Pump Up the Guns!

Wednesday: Jump the Bump!

Thursday: Toning With the Girls!

Friday: She's Got Legs!

Saturday: Peaceful Rest!

Sunday: Family Fitness!

Confused yet? Well let me clarify some of it up for you! Okay unlike some of these other blogs that state exactly what they are doing, I wanted to be different and give them some creative names. So here is the breakdown of the code if you haven't gotten it yet?
Monday’s Rock Bottom Body is a cute name for a lower body exercise. This day I will focus on my core and my entire lower body for a more stability and fat burning. Your lower body is extremely important. It is the power house of your body!!! It is what helps you digest your food, and for a lot of us ladies, it is where all the extra baggage seems to collect. From those donuts you had this morning to the pasta you have at night. All of it seems to get caught up between your midsection and our lower body.  Which is why the expression of “you are what you eat" comes into play. So if you eat lots of donuts, you will have a lower body that looks like you have a few dozen donuts taking up shop.  No one wants the muffin tops or the Donut thighs. Not at all!!!

Tuesday’s Pump up the guns is my Arm workout day. On top of my other workouts, I will add extra workouts to target just my arms to help get them fit and toned! This day will be a combination of kettle bell and medicine ball workouts along with resistance band curls to target all of my arms.

Wednesday's Jump the Bump is a focused exercise that targets getting rid of the extra junk in my trunk. Lol. For a more firm and toned rear end. This day I will also focus on the mid core area. The reason for this day is fairly simple. Without a strong core, your body will be entirely out of balance. Your core is what helps you keep your balance. Over all if you have a strong core, you will have less pain while working out due to your body being more aligned.

Thursday's Toning with the girls is basically an upper body workout. Focusing on the girls and the entire upper body. This day will focus from my upper core to my shoulders and everything in between. If you don't focus on toning up your girls and this area, especially us women, will increase our risk of breast cancer and back problems in the future. So this area is extremely important area to focus on.

Friday's She's Got Legs is just like it sounds. It is my leg workouts. This is a day I will focus on my strengthening and toning my legs for a more efficient and productive work out! Your legs are the base of your body, your root so to say. Meaning that without your legs working properly and healthy, you will end up having serious problems. You need your legs to walk and to run. Without them moving around unassisted becomes very difficult to do. So why not spend a day focusing on getting those legs sexified and not looking like you got caught in a jello filled hail storm.

Saturday's Peaceful Rest is just like it sounds. This day I will sit back and relax and focus on the mind part of my workout while allowing my body to recoup and recover for the previous workouts. We all need our days of rest. Some more than others. With me being a SAHM of 3, any time I get to myself is rejuvenating. As many of you other mom's know, when you have kids, your ME time becomes US time.  Well today, I want you all to take a little more MOMMY or ME time. Either by taking a 5 min longer shower. Or when your spouse gets home, have him tend to everything and take you even a 15 min soak in a nice warm bath with the door shut. Turn you on some of your favorite jams and Slip down in to some relax time. Even if you have to crank up the volume to drown out the kids. If you don't have that luxury of having someone to help, tonight, put those kids to bed 30 min earlier and then slip into a nice warm bath followed by some Plain popcorn and your favorite movie. Or Make it a pajama day. If you have nowhere to go, get on the comfiest and make a day out it. If you have kids, make it like an all-day slumber party. Do nails and eat popcorn while watching a good movie. These things your kids WILL remember when they get older and will pass onto their kids. Don't you wish you had more family time when you were younger?

Sunday is going to be my absolute FAVORITE workout day of all the days. This is the day I get to do a fun day at the park walking, running, and having absolute fun with my children. Either at the park or if the weather is not so good, in home workouts. Getting my kids involved and focusing on teaching them how to eat healthy and be healthy. Teaching them how their good choices will result in a good healthy body and mind! I don't want my kids ending up like me. Depressed all the time and looking in the mirror and thinking to them self like "Maybe people are right, I am a ugly", or doing unthinkable things to them self like drugs or worse things to them self, or worse them injuring them self because all they see is what is on the outside and not what is within. So I am going to take this full day to teach my children more in depth on how to eat healthy and the importance of exercise. I don't know about you but when I work out with my kids and hear them say "good Job" or "we did it" and seeing them smile at their accomplishments means more to me than anything else in this world. No diamond’s or riches will ever amount to seeing and hearing that. 

Yes I know a lot of these you are probably saying to yourself that, well the ones I do for one also do the other. Well, that is correct. That's why each day, if you notice, focuses on multiple so no matter what those areas will get targeted for a maximum workout!
With that being said, I will pass on this challenge to you. Take my challenge for 3 full weeks and then come back and leave your comments on how it helped you or didn't. I would love your opinions.

Ok that is enough reading and writing for today... Off to a new body and a new me! 


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