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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I do now! Like the fish in the lake.. I am also hooked! haha :) I am reviewing the product called ENERGYbits.  When you think of the name, you probably think of little bites or protein bars or such. Well these are not your average bits. These BITS, are actually little pill size bites packed with as much good protein as you could think of.

Here is what their website says about these Little Green Bits!

"ENERGYbits are made from 100% organicallly grown spirulina algae and loaded with 40 nutrients, ENERGYbits® algae tabs have the highest concentration of protein in the world (64%) all for just one calorie per tab. Endorsed by the United Nations as the most nutritious food on earth, spirulina algae has been a favorite of Olympic gold medalists for decades and is a super food in every sense of the word, delivering instant and enduring energy to your brain and body.

ENERGYbits® algae tabs are your answer for raw energy and health. All naturally too. With just one calorie per tab, ENERGYbits® will stop your cravings, slay your hunger and give you a steady stream of energy all day or night. They may even make you want to leap over tall buildings in a single bound, but we think that’s best left to the guys in the red capes and blue tights.  Remarkably, our ENERGYbits® have just one ingredient, spirulina algae which is a super hero in the world of super foods. Spirulina’s nutritional pedigree is so impressive that The World Bank, NASA and Olympic athletes have all declared spirulina to be the most nutritious food in the entire world. Why? Well for starters, it effortlessly and naturally boosts your energy like an energy drink, energy bar or coffee  but without the downside of chemicals, caffeine, calories or sugar and gram per gram, there is no denser source of nutrition than spirulina algae. Research done by NASA showed that that 1 kg of spirulina had the nutritional  equivalent of 1000 kg of fruits and vegetables.  That's a  lot of groceries! But if an endorsement by NASA isn’t enough to convince you of the health benefits you’ll get from our ENERGYbits® and spirulina, consider that many International Health Organizations including the United Nations have hailed spirulina as one of the “Greatest Superfoods on Earth.” Don’t worry if you haven’t heard about this super food yet. You will. It may be virtually unknown in America but for the last 50 years, millions worldwide have taken it to improve their energy. Now it’s your turn. "

Now for my review!

Now that you know a little bit about this product, let me tell you how my experience with these went!
When I got these in the male and opened the envelope, their was 3 pages and 3 cards along with a little tin. Once I started reading about these bits, I couldn't wait to open them.

At first, I was taken back how green they smelled. Smelled kinda yummy but you could definitely tell their was algae. My husband said it smelled like fish food but he thinks anything healthy is not worth his time! So I took 10 out of the tin as I wasn't sure if I could swallow the recommended dose of 30-40. Within about 5-10 min I could feel the energy! I had more energy than if I downed a case of soda and three 5 hour energies! I was going EVERYWHERE! It was actually kinda funny cause when hubs saw it, he actually told me he is restricting me to only 5 a day to keep me from bouncing off the walls. *giggles*
I had to do the E with the bits. It was only fitting :)

When they say this gives you energy, they are right. Who could have thought little bits like this could give you such great energy with no crashing? I took 8 by swallowing and 2 by chewing. They kinda have like a nutty flavor to them. Personally I like them but it is an acquired taste. Just like sushi and calamari. It is one of those you have to try it and if you don't like it, you can always swallow it. You can use this to add to your meal for extra protein, before your workouts or in the morning for an all out day of energy. With 1 Calorie a tablet.. Who can beat that?

As you all know I do let you guys know the price of the products I test. So below I have copied their pricing information for you to see.

Packaging: Price is for a re-seal able foil bag of 1,000 tabs and includes a matching, refillable travel tin.
Yes kinda a bite on the wallet at first but you get 1,000 tabs that you take approximately 30 tabs at a time. That is around $3 a day. You are looking at one full month of ENERGYbits. So totally worth it. Especially when you try to find anything with as much health values as this does.  These do have to be put in the freezer to keep them fresh. then daily you fill up your tin with bits and be on your way.  Can you honestly tell me that you can get anything else at the store with that much protein and minerals for $3? You can't! I mean, 64% protein and 30 tabs gives you your daily dose of protein! It sounds like a win win right their! Read below on the other nutritional values this product has.
 Image from the ENERGYbits Website
 This product was awesome to review. I loved the energy and the over all healthiness of this product. If this sounds like something you would like to try, you can visit them at
You will not be dissapointed :) 

Hugs everyone and I really hope you enjoyed my review!



Laura Ryder said...

okay...the name of the product makes me feel like I might turn green and look for the nearest pond to jump in..but i love the idea of high protein. It's so important otherwise while you diet that fat holds tight and we see our muscles getting burned for energy instead....which equals that sad metabolism drop. I might look into it! :)


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