Journey UPDATE!!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

That is right. Update pics :) It has been 2 weeks from the last time I posted pics. After todays major run and family outing.... I just had to smile and be proud of myself!

As you have read, I have been a big girl for like 8 years now. As of recently, however, I have Decided to change all of that. So I started to work my bottom off and focus on me and making my life much better. Well after 2 weeks of hard working.... Here goes!

So what do you think? How do I look so far? In the pick, I was wearing 2 waist trimmers. More the sweatier I recon. :) Well here is after 2 weeks. Tell me if you notice the diference.

      As a refresher, here is my starting pics!
                     vv  vv  vv  vv  vv  vv 


Laura Ryder said...

You're doing great!! Keep up the hard work.

Did you know you are a no-reply comment?


Aph Mordly said...

Added a music player for you all to enjoy some tunes while you look :)

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