Who LOVES Socks? INJINJI Review!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

When I got these in the mail, I was so excited! I have always wanted to try compression socks and Finally I was able to. I opened up the package and reached in and found 2 extra  soft pair of socks. I couldn't wait to put them on! 

I slipped my feet into them and put my toes where they needed to go and talk about wow! My feet felt like they were in the clouds. Their is just enough tightness in these socks to make them a true compression sock but not too tight that they are uncomfortable. I slipped my shoes on and took off for a jog. Normally when I do this, my feet hurt after about 30 min. One doctor says I have Plantar Fascistic one says I am just to big to be running. With these, I had very little swelling like I always seem to have and my feet didn't hurt! I am sold! These socks are AMAZING! Their is no other word I could give these socks.

The website says they Allow your toes to align and splay naturally while being protected from blisters. The unique five toe sleeve design and light breathable moisture wicking fabric will allow you to enjoy a cool, natural run in any shoe. 

They are right. My feet felt much better than they normally do in regular socks. They are stylish too :) I mean come on. Who doesn't like some comfy toe socks? At $10 a pair, their is no way you can find great quality compression socks like these ANYWHERE! 

The Run socks Feature a second- skin fit which ideal fro runners and anyone who wants the benefit of minimum weight for maximum protection and performance. 
The Trail is engineered for the uneven and unpredictable terrain of trail running. (which me being in the hill country of Texas, these are perfect!) With a double elastic cuff to keep dirt out and hold the sock in place. 

The tabs on the back of these socks are such a great idea. Most no show socks get lost in your shoes and you are left digging in your shoe to find the heel when it falls into your shoe. Which it always does! These tabs along with the snug fit around the ankles keeps that from happening! They are a runner/ joggers best friend! I am so glad I got the opportunity to review these socks. They are 100% the best socks I have placed on my feet. I would seriously recommend these to all the runners and hikers out their!

(these thoughts are of my own and not of INJINJI. These are from my personal experience with the product above)


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