March Challenge Excepted!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I have decided after much review that I am going to take on a 4 month challenge. I have had many small challenges throughout this past month but this is the BIG one! I am going to be focusing on this challenge very hard and I would love to have anyone to join me in this.

Now for the nitty gritty of the challenge! This challenge does involve money! Yes I bet now you got those ears perked up :) Well, My 27th Birthday is July 18th and I plan on actually doing something for it for the first time in...... well I can't even remember when I was able to do anything for my birthday.

Ok the details on this challenge are as follows. For every mile I do, I get $1. For every pound I lose, I get $5. Sounds awesome right? Well like every challenge their is a catch. Every time I catch myself cheating on my foods or not working out in a day, with the exception of my one rest day a week, I have to put an IOU for $10 in a jar. Then on July 14th, I get to calculate up my total I earn then the total IOU's and subtract the IOU's from the amount I earned for a total for me to spend on whatever I want to for my birthday.

So lets say I walk 200 miles from now till then, and lose 30 lbs. I will have earned $350. Then when I look in the IOU jar and lets say I have messed up 5 times. Looks like I have to give $50 of that up. Yes It still leaves me with $300 but this is how I am seeing it. If I have to give up money that I could use to buy something I really want, then that is going to hurt having to give that money up!

That is why you don't give the money up till the end. When you are getting all that money and are so happy then you look in that IOU jar and your heart sinks knowing that you have to give some up! The trick also is to see how Honest you are with not only yourself but with others. If you don't feel like wasting paper or such, You can do a jar and add a colored bead or something along that line. For every one in that jar, you have to pay up $10. So no pulling out of the jar or even not writing it down. Keep track of your Mishaps. Then after this 4 month challenge, continue it for the next 4 months and this time, focus on having lesser amounts in that IOU jar. If at the end someone says that they didn't have any in the IOU jar, I am gonna have to call your bluff. I even estimate I may mess up at least 5x in 4 months . No one is that perfect!

At the end of the 4 months, place that money you had to pay back, into another Motivation Jar for you to focus on earning that money back. This way you have a goal to work hard and try your very best! If you would like to do this with me, Sign up in the linky below and lets rock out with the March thru July Challenge.

 After you link up, please write a comment about how much you are hopping to get in that amount of time!
(If you don't feel comfortable sending in pictures, you can comment on the word each week)


MammaNene said...

I'm here from the big blog hop "Aloha Friday" and from today I'm following you with GFC.
Would you like to come to my little sewing blog and, if you like what you see, follow me back?
I'd be reaaaaally pleased!!!
Thank you,
c u soon,
MammaNene from

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