EMPOWER Pilates Studio Review!!!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Okay first off, I have to admit, I was terrified of this. I kept hearing that nasty voice in my head saying look now you will be in pain and you will give up. Well, the more I heard it, the more I aimed to prove it wrong. The first day I tried this, I had to force myself to stop cause I was actually having fun! I didn't want to stop but my body was telling me I had to. That night after my shower I went to lay in bed and that's when the soreness set in! Then that voice was like see told you. I didn't really care. I loved it!

The next day I had to literally pour myself out of bed cause I was sore. Did it stop me though... Oh NO! After eating breakfast, I caught myself reaching for it and sliding my feet into the hoops to do curls. Then laying down to do bicycles and leg kicks. After a few days of this, I noticed I wasn't as sore as I was before and the exercises were getting easier. So what did I do, I upped the stakes and doubled what I was doing and tossed in resistance Superman. WOW. Talking about hard. It was what I needed.
Before getting this, I had issues doing these exercises. It was so hard, that I avoided them. Now I love doing them. The people at EMPOWER did an awesome job with this. Even without the free workout DVD you get with this, It is still awesome. And the price is Wonderful! I mean you can't even go out to eat at a restaurant these days for the price of it!  It is awesome and I would really recommend this to all!
Order yours now at : http://empowerfitness.com/yoga-and-pilates/portable-pilates-studio/portable-pilates-studio-with-dvd



This Portable Pilates Studio lets you perform reformer-style Pilates movements without heavy equipment in your home. Lightweight and portable, the bar disassembles for easy storage. Includes follow along workout DVD with bonus upper body strength workout. 

Portable Pilates Studio

  • Product Code: MP-2768R
  • MSRP: $24.99


Laura Ryder said...

Looks really cool...does that do core for the most part??


Aph Mordly said...

Yes and before I started using it, I wouldn't have been able to even run 1/2 a mile, now I do that daily! I have also lost inches off of my waist with the help of it!

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