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Monday, February 25, 2013

I got my laces in today! I am like super excited! I opened up the package and squeeled so loud, it woke hubs and my son up from sleeping! I couldn't wait to put them in my shoes! Then after hubs saw the pretty pink laces, he grabbed a pair and said he might as well start trying to support somehow and puts them into his tennis shoes! I am beyond shocked! This has made my day! Here is some picture love for you guys! These pretty pink laces are a sign of me being a Sweat Pink Ambassador.

What's a Sweat Pink Ambassador you ask? Well this is how I like to put it. When I told my mother, I told her it is a like a sisterhood of wonderful ladies that make it their goal to help other ladies lose weight and get healthy. From sharing their experiences to hands on support in their neighborhoods they get involved in helping others. She replied like a sorority? In which I replied: More like a group of awesome ladies that won't let "you can't" stand in their way of fulfilling their dreams and helping others with their dreams through great exercise, eating healthy, and being tough love when you really need it the most. That is what I feel Sweat Pink is all about!

See how awesome this package is!!!!This a true honor to be able to sport these pink laces and show that I back 100% what these laces stand for! Have you Sweat Pink Lately?


Joanna Broadbent said...

Awesome how empowered those laces you feel! Proud to have you as a Sweat Pink Sister! xoxo

Aph Mordly said...

Thank you so much hun:)I am proud to have you as a Sweat Pink sister too! xoxoxoxo

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