Crazy Idea!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ok guys I have an awesomely Awesome Idea! I am thinking of setting up a work out area where we all can swap work out clothes and other work out things like video's and such and give good tips on some awesome work outs clothes and such! What do you guys think? DO you think it will be a good idea? If so let me know and I will set up a forum for all of us to go to and say what we have to trade and what we need :) What a great way to help each other out! I hope soon I will have the little bit I do have to offer as I have increased my workouts today to an hr and going to try to stick with an hr work out for now till I can up it to 1.5 then 2+. SO give me your impute. I would LOVE to get it set up if you all like!


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