Wacky Saterday workout so Far!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

That's right I am about to go scrub my floors for an hr and with that being done........ Here is my workout so far!!!!!   ****744 cals**** I am bout to not only scrub my floor but now after looking at it... I need to rearrange too lol! Had to stop early due to company :( oh well I get to paint 2 rooms tomorrow along with cleaning so I will get this house back to mommy perfect soon :) At least I got the table and the couch moved.

Cardiovascular Minutes Calories Burned
Wii Fit exercise (advanced or high intensity) 20 137
Wii Fit Super Hula Hoop 30 152
Wii Fit Rhythm Boxing 20 113
Wii Fit Free Run 5 39
Wii Fit Advanced Step 25 127
Cleaning, heavy, vigorous effort 30 176


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