Mud Run and Rant!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Ok guys I am adding LOTS of pink in this post cause I have some awesome news! I got the ok to do the Dallas Texas Pretty Dirty 5k Run/Walk!!!! Yay it is awesome news!!! I am going to hold him to it on letting me go! I am not doing it to win it but I am doing it to finish it! So I can tell myself  and my children " I did it. I completed a 5k and I will do whatever  it takes to make sure me and my family are healthy and would love to do it again" I am working to a goal of doing 5, 5k's in 5 years and a healthier me buy this time next year. 
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Now the hard part.... Costumes! I have read about the run that they also award for the most creative costumes. Well, I would LOVE to win that! I know it is hard with hubs not being 100% on board with it and me going to have to look for free clothes to wear for it but whatever I get, I can try to add to it to make it Fabtastic!!! After talking to a few who have done this run before, I know I need to STAY AWAY FROM COTTON!!! SO I am looking for some shorts or capris with a wicking top for me to wear. I was thinking also of wearing pink but I really am not picky as I will wear what I can get! Like my mom says.. beggars can't be choosers. 

I would absolutely LOVE to get down and dirty in this run. I mean I am a country girl so mud is second nature to me. It, to me Is better than one of those expensive mud baths and facials that people pay much money on. Shoot, It is free and if it was bad for you, I would be dead already lol.  

Today was an awesome day! I walked to the school and back to get my kids with my son on my back. As we walked I would bounce up and down to the bunny hop dance lol. I bet I looked goofy but he loved it! He would even go " GO MOMMY GO, GO MOMMY GO!!!" It made me want to do more :) My husband n the other hand.... Not so much. He tried to say this afternoon that he don't think I should go to the run due to the fact that I can't take the kids with me on the run. SO one of the girls that wants to go with me, and will drive me up their, volunteered her husband to watch my kids. Then he was like, "IF I pay this fee, I wont be able to buy you anything to wear for it. I also won't be able to give you any money to buy anything while you are up their" So it seems he is trying to talk me out of doing it! I am not gonna let that stop me. I am going to look around and try to find any that someone is giving away or IF I have to, I will wear cotton and jeans if I have to. I will not let him make me feel horrible for trying to do something good for me! It is time for me to hold my head up high through the storm ahead and tred on!

The 2 outer pictures are me now and where I wanna be in the end!

 It does the body Great!


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