XOXO Pink Review!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

That is right! I am doing a pink review! I love pink and blue and when I came across this awesome Racer back bra that of course is hot pink! To add to it... It was $3.. Hey Ho! YAY! I couldn't pass the deal up. I got it at Ross! But it is comfortable and I admit... I had to do a jump test in the dressing room ;) The girls didn't pop out or hurt so it was a winning PLUS!

I needed to get use to it as I am not use to the Racer Back between my shoulder-blades. But after about an hr of wearing it and a little bit more of a workout...... I am in love with this. The material on the girls are a little thin and it does keep rolling a bit under the arms but for the most part it is comfy.

It is a little smaller than the normal bra's I have been wearing so that means I have lost some of the back boobs. Which makes me want to work out even more to lose even more weight :)

Now to see if I can find an outfit I can actually wear for the same bargain or better!


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